Your plywood order has been dispatched!
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Your plywood order has been dispatched!

Your phone screen lighting up should make your day brighter when the message reads ‘Your order has been dispatched’. Sitting from the comfort of your home, you can now have all your orders from Century e-shop delivered to your doorstep. 


Centuryply’s focus has always been making customers’ lives happier and easier. To help make homes and offices beautiful, we design and manufacture products of highest quality and go above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction. What good are the products if not able to reach the consumers? For everyone that can’t make time to visit a store or can’t travel far enough for one, we’re bringing the store to you. 

Technology is rapidly advancing in today’s world. Everything is available at the touch of a finger. From your big laptop screens to pocket sized cell phones, you can access unlimited amounts of products and services from anywhere, anytime. One can find everything on the internet and online shopping is becoming more and more popular with the convenience it provides. When you can purchase everything online, why hold back on the idea of getting your construction and housing needs taken care of?

For those shopping online for the first time or for the ones that only trust products they’ve ever checked themselves, it can be a task to take about this shift in the shopping experience. To make this better and help you reach the exact products you require, Century’s e-shop is the perfect option. It’s a virtual warehouse that is brought to you wherever you are and whenever you want. E-shop gives one access to all centuryply’s products and the ability to finish your research on different products and specifications in one place. Going through multiple options in plywoods, doors and pvc boards can be a hassle when searching for it offline. Picking a time when the stores are open, travelling to those stores, moving from one place to another to find best options and offers and then dialing down to one pick sounds like a day or two to offer for the sole purpose of buying construction needs. A leap from this struggle is shopping online. 


Centuryply’s website is made to please the consumers and has been designed with consumer convenience in mind. It is user friendly and is extremely easy to navigate through. From the start to purchase, everything you need to know is on the website. It starts off with collecting your location information as soon as you land on the page. Then you’ll be shown products that are deliverable to your location and the experience is customary. The website is your life made easy in purchasing as all specifications of a product are listed right with it and you can compare one product to another and make your buying decision. Not only will you find all products and information, but you can also seek assistance from our experts who will help you out in anything you’re looking for. There is also a dedicated space for those looking to find design inspiration for their houses or office spaces. Offers and discounts on products are displayed when available and can help you cut down costs too. The e-shop is a catalog for products, design and assistance all in one place. 

The best part about your online shopping experience is the products being delivered right to your door. No hassle of getting them home or struggling to find a delivery service that will help you out. Your one stop shop for all housing requirements, Century e-shop is the newest technology to make your life easier.

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