Your Home's Renovation Won't Be Complete Without This
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Your Home's Renovation Won't Be Complete Without This

Interior renovation is always an exciting thing to look forward to. You get to explore the artist in you and stretch your imagination to envision all the possible designs you can make in your house. The most interesting and fun part is to sit together with your family and conclude the final beautiful designs that your home would dress up in. But, this exciting journey too has its own set of challenges.

Homeowners often forget that bringing their imagination to life is much more than just aesthetic perfection. The renovation is never complete without considering how safe and prepared your home is in case of unwanted events like a fire-related accident.

The extent of most of the fire-accidents that happen inside the home can be minimized if you choose your furniture wisely. Keep quality and safety in mind, especially when you are buying building material for areas that are prone to open fires. The best choice for this is the latest fire-retardant plywood from CenturyPly enriched with the revolutionary Firewall technology.

Firewall technology uses highly energized activated nano particles that are embedded in the polymer matrix of the plywood, making the plywood fire-retardant. It delays the spread of fire, and minimizes the emission of toxic gases and smoke. Less smoke means less suffocation, which in turn eases the evacuation process.

This world-class plywood is extremely durable and boiling waterproof also. You can use this plywood to build beautiful furniture for every part of your home, including high water-inflow areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Your furniture would be entirely safe from the attack of borer and termites too!

So what are you waiting for? Your home renovation plan would be safely complete with the inclusion of the revolutionary firewall technology. CenturyPly has got your aesthetics and safety needs covered! Head over to know more:

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