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Why Use Termite-Proof Furniture?

Why Use Termite-Proof Furniture? - CenturyPly

Termites can spell doom for your furniture. These tiny creatures can roll out massive damage in silence and by the time you notice, it’s too late to salvage the mess. 

If your furniture has been victims of termite attacks in the past or the area you live in attracts them, it is time to make a change to termite-proof plywood for your furniture. In a few simple ways, you can easily check the growth of termites. 

The best way to ensure a termite-free zone at home is to use termite-free plywood. We treat our plywood with special adhesives and adhesives and use the unique Glue Line Protection technology that ensures that your furniture stays brand new for a long, long time. We even offer a warranty on every plywood product to reassure you of the quality of the products you choose to buy.

Another simple way to ensure that your furniture stays termite-free is by keeping them away from mud or soil. Termites live under the soil and any contact with it may result in a termite infestation.

Why Use Termite-Proof Furniture? - CenturyPly

There are many advantages of using termite-proof furniture:

  • Termite-proof furniture allows you to enjoy the rich texture, premium quality and stylish designs of your furniture for a long time by increasing your furniture’s longevity. 

  • Unlike their small size, the damage they create is massive. They are practically invisible and are only noticeable once the damage is done. This may incur piling costs of repair and replacement. Therefore, it is wise to invest in termite-proof plywood for furniture.

  • Having termite-free furniture will not only improve the life of the furniture but will also add more charm to your interior. Moreover, just by laminating your wood, the wood has acquired extra protective layers that protect the wood from water, moist and rain.

  • Termite-proof furniture also has great resistance to water. This means that your home will be safe with termite proof furniture carrying zero moisture content keeping the place refreshing and ventilated.

    Bring home the convenience of termite-free furniture. Check out our termite-proof plywood range here: https://www.centuryply.com/plywood 

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