Why should you choose CenturyExteria?
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Why should you choose CenturyExteria?

We are not denying the fact that there are plenty of options when it comes to beautifying your home exterior, but at the same time, we also know that you will definitely look for an option that is not only modish in look but also passes all the quality tests.

For this reason, we are here to give you the best option that there ever could be for your home exterior: CenturyExteria!

CenturyExteria: An introduction

CenturyExteria is an exterior grade high-pressure laminate that commits to give the exterior of your homes and offices the design that stand the building apart from the rest in the neighbourhood.

The wide array of designs that come in various shades, in wood-grain and solids offer you nothing short of what you are looking for or what you may like.

Why exterior cladding at all?

The dry cladding facades are a preferable solution over other alternatives like paints because of these reasons:

1. It has a phenomenal impact on the long term life of the exterior of the building. It has been seen that a building with exterior grade laminates cladding, performs well in terms of strength.

2. Temperature regulation is one of the primary benefits of exterior cladding. The high-pressure laminates do not let the external high temperature affect the internal temperature at all, keeping it cool naturally

3. Saving energy is not only about switching off the appliances when not in use. The exterior grader dry cladding gives you two specific energy-saving mantras. Since the temperature inside is regulated, there is not much need for air conditioners to lower it further.

Why CenturyExteria over others?  

1. Aatmanirbhar exterior laminates: The high-pressure exterior laminates that are offered by CenturyPly are self-supportive, meaning, they do not need any material like plywood to be pasted upon.

2. Doubled durability: CenturyExteria laminates are made with double hardened resin. This double chemical treatment with the specially formulated in-house resin gives our exterior laminates the weather protection and strength that is missing in many other brands that offer exterior laminates. 

3. Aag se bachaye: CenturyExteria has been certified to be fire-retardant under EN 438 Class #1 and ASTM E824.

If you think, CenturyExteria has this many benefits only, read more about it and do away with this misconception. Because the party has just begun!

Click on: https://www.centuryexteria.com/


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