Why is CenturyPly a trusted and leading brand
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Why is CenturyPly a trusted and leading brand

From providing a product range that has redefined interiors to bringing about a paradigm shift in the concept of living spaces, CenturyPly has proven to withstand the test of time. We are India’s leading manufacturer, seller and exporter of plywood, laminates and veneers. With time, we have evolved to be the unprecedented choice of architects, interior designers and carpenters.

Customers like you have built an emotional connection with our brand that makes us stand out in the market where there are plethora of options to choose from. We at CenturyPly are guided with a simple philosophy of adding value-for-money products and features while improving upon the existing portfolio through rigorous R&D, customer feedback and technological advancement.

One such advancement has been our CenturyPromise App which is a step towards innovation and in maintaining your trust. In today’s time, the plywood market is being plagued by duplicate products under names like CenturyPly and in order to embrace the connection we share with our customers, launching a digital application has been of utmost importance.

How does the CenturyPromise App tackle duplicity?

Since the time of inception, we at CenturyPly have kept the safety of the consumers on top. With the issue of counterfeiting of plywood rising, it became a necessity to tackle the situation in the best possible way we could.

With CenturyPromise App, the consumers can themselves identify the original CenturyPly with the help of a QR code scanner that is present in the app and make sure their trust is not being broken by anybody selling the plywood range. 

Is the digital application difficult to operate?

Operating the CenturyPromise App is truly simple and literally everybody from a carpenter to an architect can use it. We believe in the philosophy of keeping our customers’ needs first and hence, we understand how tough it can be to make sure if you’re buying the authentic plywood when buying in bulk. To address this problem, the QR code scanner in the app can work wonders and provide you with all the information!

The QR code scanner can help you know all about the plywood within a few milliseconds. An interesting thing about the app is that not only it can tell you if the product is genuine or fake but also gives you relevant information about the product. It can tell you the true size of the plywood, thickness of the plywood, where it was manufactured, manufacturing date and if it is a CenturyPly product. 

Apart from the QR code scanner, CenturyPromise App also comes with a feature to download the e-warranty through which you can easily get the warranty of your plywood at any point in time.

With CenturyPromise App in the market, CenturyPly promises to maintain the trust that it has built with you and to continue to be the trustworthy and leading brand of India.

Be assured and get the CenturyPromise App today.

Download now: https://www.centuryply.com/centurypromise


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