What Proves the Boiling Waterproof Feature of Sainik 710
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What Proves the Boiling Waterproof Feature of Sainik 710

Sainik 710 is one of the most durable and affordable plywood in the country. It is a sought-after choice today to create versatile furniture for every space of your home. Sainik 710 is a BWP grade plywood that is made with the best quality raw materials and undergoes stringent quality tests, including the Boiling Water Test. Let's see what proves its durability and complete water-resistance capacity.

Only when a product performs at par with what it promises, it becomes the customer's choice. This is Sainik 710 for you - it stands upright with the claim of Asli Waterproof. Sainik 710 from the house of CenturyPly passes the 72 hours boiling water test under specified laboratory conditions. This is the toughest test to prove the waterproof capacity of plywood.

Many local brands in the market sell dipped plywood as waterproof. These local plywood do not have the mandatory characteristics of waterproof plywood. Local plywood sellers dip plywood in a colored solution and apply the solution on the surface of the ply. This gives it a darkish colour. Darkish colour is basically correlated to waterproof ply in general terminology in the trade market, and this is mainly because of Phenol resin which is darker in colour.

Phenol resin is one of the adhesives used to glue veneer sheets together under high pressure and high temperature to form waterproof plywood. This adhesive completely blocks the pores and gaps in the plywood and prevents the entry of water inside it. But local brands establish a selling point for waterproof plywood without even using substantial or no quantity of Phenol resin, which brings us to another important point - warranty. Sainik 710, Asli Waterproof Plywood comes with a warranty of eight years against borer and termite attacks that can be tracked on the CenturyPromise App.

If you want to create furniture that is long lasting, borer and termite proof, and completely waterproof, then Sainik 710 plywood from the house of CenturyPly, is what you are looking for. Read more about this amazing plywood here: https://www.centuryply.com/sainik-710-2021

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