What Properties of Zykron Makes It A New Age Product
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What Properties of Zykron Makes It A New Age Product

With the evolving times, the nature of the problems also evolves and thus, need an evolutionary innovation to deal with it. This ‘evolutionary innovation’, if successful, becomes a ‘New age product’, for the right reasons, of course. In the world of plyboards and planks, Zykron is one such solution that addresses the issues that hop in during wall cladding.

What is it, technically?

Let us understand about the fibre cement boards and wait for Zykron to make a hero entry later.

Definition: Fibre cement board is a wall decoration and partition building material. As the name suggests, the primary material composition of these boards are cement and fibre mesh.


-       Light-weight

-       Stable performance


-       Exterior cladding

-       Interior wall  cladding

-        Roofing

-       Internal partitioning

With this basic know-how about fibre cement boards, let us move on to defining Zykron:

Known for its motto ‘Innovation at work’, CenturyPly created Zykron Fibre Cement Boards & Planks, which is going to serve the purpose for both external and internal cladding needs.

Zykron boards are highly durable and are textured in appearance that makes them the perfect choice to enhance your home’s exterior.

Way ahead of regular fibre cement boards:

However falling in the category of fibre cement boards, CenturyPly Zykron has features like none:

1. Fire-retardant: With the pioneering Firewall technology, CenturyPly ensures that Zykron, as a cladding material for both exterior and interior, is fire-retardant so that the risk of fire accidents remain low.

2. 100% waterproof: As a material that is used for the exterior of your homes and offices, Zykron is meant to handle the weather adversities like that of heavy rain, especially during the monsoon season. This makes Zykron a seepage proof solution for the exterior wall cladding. For the interiors as well, it is perfect to use Zykron partitioning in your bathing spaces to define the sectional utility.

3. Termite and borer proof: Usually, while ensuring the tiniest of a wooden piece to be termite and borer proof, we forget to address the majors like the wall cladding themselves. But Zykron is efficiently termite and borer proof cladding material, revealing you from all the stress that comes with the tiny devils.

4. Fungus and bacteria resistant: The exterior of our house are easily susceptible to fungal moulds and settling down of the bacteria on the surface because of the various environmental factors like high moisture content, dust and other particulate matter.

So, to ensure a durable and appealing appearance, it is important that the material is bulletproof to such microbial attacks. Zykron boards are very well adept to cushion themselves against such microbes, keeping the beautiful appearance of your house and the strength of the material itself intact.

Zykron Add-ons:

Apparently, above mentioned are not the only features that make Zykron a new-age product. Here are some brownie points that you get for choosing CenturyPly Zykron as your exterior or interior cladding material:

1. Minimal maintenance

2. Amazing colours and design capabilities

3. No shrinking or swelling

4. 100% formaldehyde, phenol and toxic-free

Still wondering if Zykron fibre cement boards and your house are meant for each other or not? Find out now - https://www.centuryply.com/NAP/Zykron/

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