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What makes laminates the best choice for surfaces?

Equipping your surfaces with the right solution can involve a delicate balance of choosing options that are durable, stylish and affordable. When we choose to design our interiors, we do it with a lot of love and exercise the utmost care because we want them to reflect our style and passion. They become an extension of our identity. But with the abundance of surface solutions in the market today, how do we make the right choice? What will be the best for our interiors-- is it veneers? Or is it solid wood? Or are laminates the way to go? Today we will be talking about why laminates are taking the design world by storm and what makes them one of the best choices for surfaces.


A laminate is a unique material that is strong, durable and highly customisable. It is manufactured by pressing together layers of heavy-duty kraft papers with resin. This is then covered in a thin decorative layer. The beauty of a laminate is that manufacturers can essentially print any type of decorative design-- the possibilities are endless.



Low maintenance: Compared to solid wood, laminates are highly stain and scuff-resistant. They are very low maintenance and easy to clean. All you have to do is dust the laminate surface with a damp, microfiber cloth on a regular basis in order to maintain their newness. As long as the laminate pieces aren’t placed in direct sunlight, they will continue to look like new for many years to come. This makes them a worthy investment.

Customisable: Laminate furniture can be customised to give the finish of solid wood at a fraction of its cost. They can be made into any solid colour, digital design and come in matte finish, high-gloss finish, suede finish and so on, to meet your exact needs.

Fire retardant: Owing to the manufacturing process, laminate products become fire retardant grade 2. This makes them a great choice for high traffic areas like waiting rooms, kitchen, restaurants and more.

Added antibacterial properties: During the manufacturing process, laminates can be made to assume antibacterial properties. Our laminates, for instance, are infused with Silver Nano Technology to make them more hygienic and safe to use, killing 99.9% germs.

Increased lifetime value: The manufacturing process creates an incredibly strong and durable product that can withstand a demanding work environment, increasing the lifetime value of the laminate surfaces. They are more resistant to wear and tear, moisture, and heat when compared to veneer and solid wood products.

Laminate surfaces are incredibly versatile and handy. They exude style while protecting the furniture and interiors from abrasion, spills, heat and everyday wear and tear. Visit our website and browse through our catalogue to know more about what type of laminate to choose for your surfaces.

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