Ways you Can Maintain Virus Free Spaces in Your Home
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Ways you Can Maintain Virus Free Spaces in Your Home

Since childhood, we have all heard the maxim that health is wealth. And this impactful saying is indeed the truest in the times we are living in. With all of us taking utmost care to maintain a long distance from the virus, it is only obvious to shield the place we spend most of our time at - the home.

With the need to keep sanitation as the utmost priority to shoo the virus away, you have no option to compromise on the hygiene of your interiors. Be it your bedroom, your newly-found workstation, your peaceful corner, or your kitchen, every space demands to be built from materials that are safe and promote hygiene.

Keeping this in mind, the house of CenturyPly has added ViroKill technology to the list of its innovative portfolio to make sure you don’t have to find any middle ground when it comes to creating virus-free spaces.


The Antiviral Plywood embedded with ViroKill technology uses specially designed nanoparticles that rupture and kill more than 99% percent of the virus, microbes, bacteria, and fungus when they come in close contact with the plywood or laminate surface. This is one of the easiest options to ensure hygiene in your home.

Maintaining your home well can make daily life much more convenient and is essential for your mental and physical well being. Unhygienic and clumsy spaces often lead to irritation and overthinking in terms of reasoning everything twice before being assured about safety, especially with kids and elders at home.

This avant-garde technology comes with the Boiling Water Proof features. Thus, if you want to create breathtaking furniture in your bathroom or kitchen, you have waterproof antiviral plywood to your recuse. And even in case of renovating your dining area or bedroom, the excellent boiling water proof grade with antiviral properties would do wonders.

Thus, to justify the title of this blog, “Ways you Can Maintain Virus Free Spaces in Your Home,” we come to a conclusion that you don’t really have to spend an embarrassing amount of time cleaning and brushing your spaces with elegant furniture and what not when you have easier and more effective solutions like using antiviral plywood as a building material for your home.



So, if both aesthetics and hygiene are on your priority list for your place, CenturyPly has got you covered. Learn all about the out entire range of antiviral plywood here: https://www.centuryply.com/blog/antiviral-plywood:-buying-guide-202

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