Waterproofing benefits at affordable prices
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Waterproofing benefits at affordable prices

For the artists creating beautiful pieces with your liquid paint or for the artsy kids you’ve got running around the house spilling and throwing drinks as they play, we’ve got the perfect solution to safeguard your furnishings.

Plywood is found in every corner of the house. From furniture needs to construction needs, everything is solved with the right kind of wood. Wooden decors have now deep rooted itself in bathrooms and kitchens too. There is no shying away from a good interior design as new age technology makes it possible to make your decor visions come true. Be it window panes, table tops, cabinets, beds or other wooden articles you can think of, all need care and maintenance against factors that can damage them. To reduce your work, a plywood that self-sustains against harmful factors, Centuryply’s Sainik 710 is the perfect solution. 

If you see a beautiful home with wooden decor as the main theme for your interiors, then considering factors like price, durability and warranty matters significantly. Plywood becomes an investment. Sainik 710 is chemically treated to be borer and termite proof, keeping pests and insects away from what they do best, decaying your furniture. The changing weather and temperature due to natural factors or due to the kitchen and bathroom requirements raise concerns on the effects it might have on your plywood. To fight this, Sainik 710 is the perfect choice as it comes with a high resistance to all climatic conditions. While you’re busy living a happy life in your beautiful home, your plywood is sustaining itself against the damage from external factors. Here are some benefits of waterproof plywood -

Beautiful Bathrooms

Wood can absorb moisture and turn softer on exposure to water. Ordinary plywood when constantly kept in moisture filled rooms can be easily damaged and this concern hindered people from picking wooden interiors for bathrooms. With newer technology this is preventable. 

Plywood interiors in bathrooms are absolutely a go-ahead with Sainik 710 being waterproof. Yes, you read it right! Sainik 710 is Boiling Water Proof Grade plywood and can prevent the damages from liquids you’re worried about. The water absorption is less than 8% making it extremely durable even on constant exposure to steam and moisture. With lesser water absorption rate and Boiling Water Proof grade, you can now house a beautiful bathroom clad in wooden linings, articles and flooring.

 Safer Kitchens

If you like your kitchen cabinets and countertops to be safe from accidental spills, from the heat and moisture while cooking, water splashing while doing dishes or the scratches from the sharp tools, Sainik 710 covers all your stress and gives you a safe and good looking kitchen. Waterproof plywood countertops can now be cleaned easily and last much longer than ordinary plywood. To cater to all your kitchen needs, plywood can be the one choice when picked right.

Long Lasting Furniture

A major cause of furniture being spoiled is the changing weather, water and time. Sainik 710 is equipped to sustain against changing weather conditions and being waterproof gives it an edge over ordinary plywood. Maintenance becomes easy with Sainik 710 and you can stop worrying about the longevity of your furniture when your plywood comes with an 8 year warranty. Not only will your decor look beautiful but will remain that way for years to come.

All the benefits of getting waterproof plywood seems appealing and who wouldn’t want to invest in it? The best part of opting for Sainik 710 is it goes easy on your pockets too!

Sainik 710 is the only plywood with one price across India and provides the best value for your money. Strength and sustainability is now available at affordable prices so do not hesitate from picking the right materials for your beautiful home.

Know more - https://www.centuryply.com/sainik-710-2021



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