Virokill: the ultimate technology for your baby's health
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Virokill: the ultimate technology for your baby's health

We live in uncertain times where taking care of one’s health comes at utmost priority. In this unprecedented era, one important takeaway is how the most we can do to fight health risks is by being prepared and taking enough precautions against it.

In a fast moving world, it has become absolutely necessary to keep yourself and your surroundings clean. Especially your home, since it is where you spend most of your time. Be it your family members, pets or guests, there is a certain sense of security that comes with being at home. There are several procedures to clean your house and protect it from viruses. To give you protection and keep you safe, we’ve designed Virokill.

Babies and toddlers in their younger years are super curious to explore and learn. Provide them with the opportunity to gain new experiences without curbing their curiosity. With toddlers and kids running around, it can be tiring to constantly keep an eye for them touching unclean surfaces, getting themselves dirty, nibbling on different toys or finding themselves playing around in untidy conditions. To ensure they are being safe while having fun, the smartest way to keep their surroundings clean and protected is to keep your house sanitised. There are multiple things and surfaces around the house that are made of plywood like your baby’s crib or doors, window panes, tables and chairs and most parts of the house you’d find your toddlers in.

Cleaning your wooden surfaces with sanitizers and disinfectants is an errand and can unintentionally influence the durability of it. Scratching each surface with chemicals can affect the structure and strength of your plywood as well as the leftovers on your furniture can present different kinds of threat in itself.  These surfaces can be prone to dust and bacteria remnants when not cleaned and maintained well.

CenturyPly is committed to provide service that becomes a part of your everyday life and adds value to your home. With the same thought in mind, our technology ViroKill is designed to make your plywood safe from viruses and bacteria. Protect your interiors with ViroKill and say goodbye to infections. Dirt that can enter your house due to someone stepping out or dust that settles on surfaces are equally harmful and ViroKill technology provides a safety net against it all.

Our futuristic innovation is equipped with a self-sustaining technique to kill viruses alongside other microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and other microbes. Plywood with ViroKill imbibed into it, works by breaking the cell layer of the bacteria/viruses. ViroKill is an innovation that not only protects your furniture from infections but also equips them to fight against viruses. This nano-engineered technology works by embedding the nanoparticles with antiviral properties into the polymer matrix of the plywood killing 99.99% germs. Additional benefits like thermostability can help sustain against any radiation from the sunlight and changing weather conditions and being water resistant helps prevent damage from moisture and liquids. The chemical neutrality of the furniture stays in place and ensures the longevity of your plywood.


With ViroKill, your wooden surfaces repulses and kills a wide range of infections to safeguard your health. When a virus interacts with your furnishings, the ViroKill layering breaks the cell organelle of the organism. In the next couple of hours, the infection is killed as the cell is harmed and it becomes harder to support itself. ViroKill is a technology designed to protect your family’s health. Playing on your team, ViroKill is absolutely safe and to humans.

Choose ViroKill today so that you can and give them a better tomorrow while they explore and learn without worrying about their health.

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