ViroKill Plywood: Capture the Essence of Safe & Beautiful
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ViroKill Plywood: Capture the Essence of Safe & Beautiful

Your home is your reflection. It’s your little place in this world and thus it ought to be both safe and beautiful.
It has to be the extension of your style statement in the safest way, where there is no place for unwanted germs and viruses that might affect you and your loved ones.

To make sure that you perfectly capture the essence of it, the house of CenturyPly has come up with the new ViroKill plywood, which brings safety and beauty as one innovation. With the ViroKill technology embedded in the plywood, your home remains safe from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Whether you plan to redecorate or have new furniture made; ViroKill is winning hearts to be aesthetically pleasing and providing protection from microbial germs making it a safe, hygienic choice.

AnchorWhat is ViroKill and how does it work?

ViroKill by CenturyPly has been specifically manufactured with the use of nanotechnology in plywood and laminate products. The highly activated nanoparticles work to physically rupture and kill viruses coming in contact with it. ViroKill technology kills 99.99% of viruses, microbes,  bacteria, and fungi.

1. Don't cook and dine with germs

ViroKill would work ideally with Kitchen and dining rooms. Since it’s safe for interior usage, having a germ-free space starts from the Kitchen. This surface treatment is non-leachable and normal exposure to humidity, moisture, or sunlight does not affect the anti-viral properties. Choose ViroKill for a safe bet towards the future! Additionally, when you choose safe you can also choose from a myriad range of aesthetically pleasing designs as well.

2. Nursery/Kids room

You protect your children against all the dangers of life, why not choose plywood that protects them against germs? Since children belong to an age group where they don't understand hygiene, as much as adults do. ViroKill is completely safe for children and does not have any health hazards. It's essential to strike off one concern from your mind. CenturyPly's ViroKill plywood kills the viruses and germs from your furniture, and is the best fit for your child's dream room.

When you choose ViroKill plywood to protect your home and your loved ones, you relieve yourself of the stress surrounding the hygiene and viruses residing in your home. Make a decision that makes you relax in a luxurious and stress-free environment. Read more about it here

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