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Top 3 Reasons Why CenturyPly Antiviral Plywood is the Best Choice for Home Decor

Top 3 Reasons Why CenturyPly Antiviral Plywood is the Best Choice for Home Decor - CenturyPly

Are you contemplating designing your dream home and are confused about which plywood to buy? Then you have landed on the right blog!

If you’re in need of plywood for your next building project and are in two minds about which brand to trust, let me convince you about what makes CenturyPly the best fit for you.

An award-winning plywood brand, CenturyPly manufactures and sells many varieties of plywood, among other premium quality building materials. What makes their plywood special and sets them apart from the rest is the incorporation of constant innovations and new manufacturing technologies. One such new invention from the house of CenturyPly is ViroKill Technology that has made it possible for CenturyPly to offer antiviral plywood to the Indian consumers. 

If you want to read more about ViroKill Technology, antiviral plywood and the top 5 reasons that make it the best choice for your home decor, read on.

Reason 1: Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antifungal & Antimicrobial Plywood

Top 3 Reasons Why CenturyPly Antiviral Plywood is the Best Choice for Home Decor - CenturyPly

A revolutionary technology, ViroKill Technology uses highly energised nano-engineered particles to manufacture antiviral plywood. These particles are embedded deep into the plywood sheets that are able to eliminate more than 99% germs that fall on its surface. These viruses, bacteria, fungus and microbes that are killed on contact are rendered incapable of contaminating your home and therefore, keeps your family and loved ones safe.

Reason 2: Superior Strength

CenturyPly antiviral plywood has been manufactured with more number of plies than an average plywood sheet. This means that every antiviral CenturyPly ply board is stronger than regular ply boards, is more dimensionally stable, is highly resistant to bending and has negligible warping. Such qualities ensure that any furniture that you make out of CenturyPly plywood will maintain its original shade for a long time.

Reason 3: Wide Range

Top 3 Reasons Why CenturyPly Antiviral Plywood is the Best Choice for Home Decor - CenturyPly

CenturyPly knows that their customers have different plywood needs. That is why they offer a wide range of plywood options. Their antiviral plywood range comes in mainly two varieties-- MR grade and BWP grade plywood. MR grade can be used to make furniture that do not experience prolonged exposure to water-- for instance, bookshelves, TV table units, beds, sofas and more. BWP on the other hand, can be safely used in all areas of your home, including conventionally wet areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

When you choose CenturyPly antiviral plywood, you have many options at your disposal. Their range of plywood will fit your budget perfectly-- whether you want luxury plywood, premium plywood, affordable plywood or economical plywood, you will find everything you want and need at CenturyPly.

Take a look at their plywood range here and decide it for yourself!


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