Three incredible ways to embellish your homes with fiberboard partitions
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Three incredible ways to embellish your homes with fiberboard partitions

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Impressive Ambiances And Trendy Interiors

Underrated Decor Element: Fiberboard Partitions!

Components of a Well-Maintained Ambiance

How To Beautify Your Space With Fiberboards

Nothing But The Best: CenturyPly

Tap Into Versatile Materials

Impressive Ambiances And Trendy Interiors

Achieving the Pinterest perfect apartment interiors is one of the bucket list items for hundreds of people moving into their new homes. Although, executing the idea of decor in reality, requires an understanding of many things. It is beneficial to have some knowledge of interior design, raw materials, new elements, and versatile materials such as fiberboards that can be used in interesting ways.

This article will give you some inspiration and ideas on how to incorporate fiberboard partitions in your home. This amazing material is worth your attention so read further to know more about its features.

Underrated Decor Element: Fiberboard Partitions

The material fiberboard is perceived as a dividing element in a space. However, there are many more interesting ways in which they can be used to add aesthetics to a home.

CenturyPly has been manufacturing one of the most preferred fiberboards in India that offer features like fire resistance, water resistance and years of warranty. Many more features of fiberboards are provided further in the article. But first, let’s decode the elements of a well maintained ambiance.

Components Of a Well-Maintained Ambiance

A well maintained and decorated home depicts a good balance and blend of some important elements. Here are three things that every home needs:

1. Light- With the help of natural light coming in, you can play around with the elements in the room to make everything bright and beautiful.

2. Space- Whether an apartment is compact or spacious, a good space planning transforms the appeal 0f the room as a whole and makes it look presentable.

3. Aesthetic- Lastly, the aesthetic elements such as furniture, decor and colors come in to complete the look of an ambiance.

Three Ways To Beautify Your Space With Fiberboards

The best fiberboard partitions have multiple applications and combine visually pleasing features with functionality. They also serve as decorative elements when they complement and blend with existing decor and furniture.

They are not just for partitioning a room but there are many beautiful, stunning and creative ways to enhance your space with fiberboards:

1. Handcrafted Hanging Dividers-

A carefully engraved and decorated hanging divider in a room can help you add more design to a space without making it look smaller. They give your room a subtle decorative touch.

2. TV Unit Panel Board-

You can take elegance one level up by adding a fiberboard partition wall behind your TV wall. This is best if your living room looks a little bit bland.

3. Sheer Room Divider-

Every so often, we wish for a separate space for reading or dining but do not want room partitions because it makes the space look more narrow. But with fiberboards, you can get sheer room dividers that give you a partial view of the other side of the room but also allow you to enjoy your separate space.

Nothing But The Best: CenturyPly

The fiber cement boards are easy to handle, install & maintain. Although it is still important to ensure that you buy the best quality fiberboards for your space.

Considering the above points, how can something like partitioning and dividing a room into smaller sections impact a space positively? Let’s find out further in the article.

For instance, all Zykron products from the house of CenturyPly are moisture and fire resistant. Moreover, they are also climate friendly which is so important in a country like India. This makes partition boards ideal for a variety of applications in residential, commercial & industrial segments, promising excellent results. The top selling partition boards available at CenturyPly include:

1. Zykron Cement Fiberboards

2. CenturyProwud MDF Boards

Zykron Cement Fiberboards

To divide a room for multiple purposes, fiberboard panels make a living or working space more functional. The Zykron Fiber Boards  are available in two product categories:

● Zykron HD Board

● Zykron Siding Board

Here are some of the features of these products:

● Warranty of 20 Years

● 100% Termite and Borer Proof

● 100% Water Resistant

● Fire Retardant

CenturyProwud MDF Boards

With quality finishing in Suede and Matt, the CenturyProwud MDF partition boards are available in two categories:

● Plain Prowud MDF

● Prelam Prowud MDF

They are available in the following ranges:

● One-side laminated (OSL)

● Both-side laminated (BSL)

● One-side Bare (OSB)

● Both-side Balancing (BSB)

Tap Into Versatile Materials

In conclusion, fiberboards are a largely untapped material in interior design. There are many ways you can enhance the beauty of your home with fiberboards. We highly recommend the Zykron Cement Fiber Boards that come with both functionality and aesthetics. They are available in a broad range of appealing styles and sizes so if you are thinking about getting partitions then check out:

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