Three amazing ideas for your home exterior
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Three amazing ideas for your home exterior

Many of us will agree that our home exterior speaks the story of our way of living, the quality of our interior and what taste of decor we devour. All these pointers give us a legit reason to rethink the appearance of our home exterior and probably, look for options that are a sure shot success when it comes to giving your house a fabulous transformation.

This blog is going to give you three of those amazing ideas that surely can turn your home exterior into something that will awestruck your neighbours and guests. And believe us, it will be nothing short of a destination setup that we try to find in farther lands for weddings, shoots and many other occasions.

1. Gardens, for a soothing satisfaction: Gardens to your own front yards is an utmost want among most of us. The lush greens offer us fresh air, a calm place to walk amidst and a premium look to the overall aesthetics of our house.

The idea is to choose succulents or other drought-resistant plants for your gardens to give a perennial green cover to your house. Imagine those rains that drench the leaves and give you the perfect vacation and your home itself.

2. Light up the world: The outdoor lights are the key for your gardens or any pavements or pathways that lead to your house from its inception. It gives a sense of warmth and a gesture of being pleased to welcome the invitees to your place. The lights also give a romantic appeal to your house during the twilight.

3. Clad up the outer walls: Now that we are done with the front yard beauty, let us move ahead to the house itself. Despite the beautiful garden and the lighting, your home exteriors will still be missing the best drape it deserves!

We are talking about the exterior wall cladding that gives your house the modern finish that stands it apart. For this purpose, we recommend CenturyExteria.

Why so?

Our reasons are simple. Unlike any other exterior wall cladding solution, CenturyExteria offers many reasons to opt them as their cladding choice. Mentioning here are a few of them:

1. Exteriors with double hardened resin: Unlike any regular exterior laminates, the high-pressure exterior cladding offered by CenturyExteria are made of double hardened resins, with the resin being uniquely manufactured by Centuryply. This gives these dry cladding an unprecedented strength.

2. Weather Tolerant: The dry cladding CenturyExteria laminates are tolerant to not only moisture but also to the UV radiations that could otherwise have led to warping and abrasion of the outer appeal of your house. Adding to this, CenturyExteria is also seepage proof giving it a longer durability.

3. High quality papers: The Deco papers that are used to make the wall cladding is manufactured in either Europe or Japan. Many companies choose the Chinese version of deco papers are of low quality, and often recycled. This results in brittle cladding with high probability of colour fading on the application of external factors like rain.

CenturyExteria uses virgin acrylics from Germany and Japan that give it a scuff and stain resistant character, with no sign of colour fading. Choose the exterior cladding solutions with CenturyExteria:

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