This festive season let’s fight the fake.
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This festive season let’s fight the fake.

Selecting a plywood for your needs is like investing properly, if you make the right choice initially you will benefit in the long run as compared to others.

One of the major problems that people face is tackling counterfeit plywood. There is an abundance of fake plywood in the market and especially during the festive season one should be even more careful. So what can be done to identify counterfeits and ensure that you buy the right plywood?

Here are a few checks that you can conduct to ensure the quality of a good plywood.

5 simple ways by which you can check the quality of plywood are:

1) Check for ISI certification

 ISI is the Indian standards institute and every good quality plywood is made in accordance with the IS Standards, there are two major IS standards which govern the quality of plywood i.e., IS 303 (general quality assurance) and IS 710 (Marine Grade- waterproof plywood), to make sure that the certification is original you can look for a CML number that is mentioned right below the certification and verify it through: (Govt.’s portal)

2) Nail test

Hammer a nail (about 1.5 inch deep) on the side profile of the plywood and if the layers of plywood split then it isn’t a good quality plywood. 

3) Thickness test

Check for thickness of the plywood from all the edges, if the thickness is uniform from all the edges then it is a good quality plywood.

4) Boiling test

To check the authenticity of Marine Grade- waterproof ply like Century’s SAINIK 710, you can conduct a boiling water test just by simply immersing the plywood in boiling water and check for its durability after a few hours.

5) Check the side profile and the surface

Check the side profile for any gaps or overlapping of layers and also the surface for unevenness, select only the plywood that is smooth on the surface and without any gaps/overlapping layers.

How to check Original Century Plywood - Century’s Promise

We are the leading plywood brand for a reason and to ensure our loyal customers of originality, we are the first one to introduce an application for the sole purpose of authentication.

Introducing you to CenturyPromise!!

The app is very easy to install and operate, in just a few simple steps you can check the authenticity of Century’s plywood. All you have to do is:

1. Download and install the CenturyPromise app from your app store.

2. Login if you are an existing member or Signup to become a promise member.

3. To authenticate- Look for a unique QR code on each of our products and scan it via the scanner provided in the app or enter the QR number manually.

4. If it’s a genuine product then its details will be listed along with the comment “CenturyPly genuine product” and you can cross check those details with your product.

5. If it’s not a genuine product then the comment “Not a CenturyPly genuine product” will appear.

6. You can also generate the e-warranty after the authentication process.


Here’s a bonus tip

Keep an eye on the deals via the offers and promotions tab on the app (exclusively for CenturyPly promise members)

To know more about CenturyPromise you can visit:

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