The Truth About Making a Safe Kitchen
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The Truth About Making a Safe Kitchen

Having a safe and beautiful kitchen is a dream of many homeowners, especially those who are fond of experimental cooking or have a great eye for aesthetics. You don’t want your kitchen to be speaking someone else’s tone. You want it to be a reflection of your personality. And thus, there is no space for clutter, undesirable designs, and non-durable furniture.

But many of us get so caught up in the buzz of building a beautiful kitchen that we forget about the aspect of safety. And it’s only natural; your mind somehow prioritizes aesthetics first. But that’s not the way to go about it. Safety in the kitchen is as much or something even more important than the look of the space. So, to make renovation easier for you, the house of CenturyPly brings you the revolutionary Firewall technology. 

The new Firewall technology is an indigenously developed technology that involves the use of nano-engineered particles that are embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood, giving it best in class fire-fighting properties. Let’s see what more this revolutionary technology has in it for you! Keep scrolling and find the truth about making a safe kitchen:

The kitchen space is the most prone to fire in the house, and thus one cannot be careless in using low quality building materials for this space. Using fire-retardant plywood gives you yet another reason to explore delicious recipes and be sure about being safe from fire. This fire-retardant plywood is tested against standard test conditions and is approved according to the Indian, American, and British benchmarks.

This fire-fighting plywood delays the spread of fire and thus is tremendous in saving precious lives and properties. Moreover, this revolutionary technology is built in such a way that it reduces the emission of smoke and toxic gases in case an unfortunate event like this knocks on your door. Lower the emission of smoke lower would be the suffocation, and higher would be the chances of you evacuating the space with minimum discomfort.

Presently Architect Ply and Club Prime plywood are enriched with Firewall technology. These plywoods are one of the most premium plywood ranges available in the country and are capable of creating excellent designs that are sure to last longer than a lifetime.

So, whether you want to create an ultramodern kitchen or a cozy traditional one, the house of CenturyPly has got your needs and your safety covered with the phenomenal Firewall technology. Read here to discover more:  

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