The Pros of Working with Antiviral Laminates
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The Pros of Working with Antiviral Laminates

The Pros of Working with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly

Are you wondering, “Which laminates are the best surface solution for your furniture surfaces?” Because we strongly believe that it's our wide range of antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial & antiviral CenturyLaminates!

When the world was still using High Pressure Laminates (HPL) as a finishing layer for their homes from only the aesthetic point of view, CenturyLaminates changed the narrative by introducing antiviral laminates that prioritised home hygiene without compromising on the style quotient.

If you are curious to know the pros of working with antiviral laminates, keep reading this blog post.

The Pros of Working with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly

HPL are manufactured by impregnating multiple layers of design & kraft papers with resins. This treatment of laminates under high heat and pressure makes them naturally resistant to bacteria. By introducing ViroKill Technology in the manufacturing process, CenturyLaminates gained the added antiviral advantages.

These laminates effectively kill more than 99.99% bacteria, fungus, microbes and viruses that land on its surface, keeping your furniture always protected. For wet areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom which are more prone to bacterial & viral proliferation, antiviral HPL can be the perfect choice of surface solution.

You can also opt for these laminates in commercial areas such as schools, hospitals, restaurants or offices.

Apart from killing those germs that land on the laminate surfaces, antiviral laminates also help in reducing the number of airborne viruses and therefore, keep the air relatively cleaner. This is due to elimination of those airborne germs that land on its surface.

The cleanliness technology of these hygienic CenturyLaminates also reduce the number times you would need to sanitise your interiors, thereby saving you the effort of cleaning and maintaining these laminates.

The Pros of Working with Antiviral Laminates - CenturyPly

It has always been important to take care of interior home hygiene and now that we are more aware of the importance of it, we should take more precautions while choosing surface solutions, especially when such hygienic options are available at our disposal.

The need to ensure that decorative surfaces such as furniture for placing objects and food are hygienic, we introduced an entire range of antiviral CenturyLaminates. If you are interested in buying them, visit our Eshop here:

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