The Potential and Positives of ViroKill Plywood
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The Potential and Positives of ViroKill Plywood

The Potential and Positives of ViroKill Plywood    

If someone asks what's on your mind these days, and you reply that interior renovation is, then we totally get you because that's what is on our mind, too, always! Decisions about adding furniture or changing the complete look and feel of the place are not routine decisions, and thus it's important for you to know how to get the best results.

Scroll below to clear the air of doubt around which plywood to choose and enjoy renovating with the plywood available in the market.


At CenturyPly, we have always believed in applying innovation at the workplace and delivering best-in-class products. Following this philosophy, we have specially developed the innovative ViroKill Technology that uses highly energized nano-engineered particles that are embedded in the plywood, making it potent to kill more than 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi  and other microbial germs that come in contact with the plywood. This Antiviral feature makes it more hygienic than ever before.

ViroKill Technology is embedded in Boiling water proof plywood, making it a perfect choice for adorning every nook and corner of your home. Here, your delectation is not just limited to the antiviral feature. The plywood with the revolutionary technology is also borer and termite proof and, according to different price points, comes with an official warranty.

The specially crafted antiviral plywood from the house of CenturyPly is manufactured using more piles as compared to a regular plywood sheet. The greater the number of piles, the stronger the plywood sheet is. This process renders the antiviral plywood more strength than usual ones, making them eminently stable and resistant to bending and warping. This is why furniture made with antiviral plywood would not only be more hygienic but also more durable.

Since antiviral plywood comes in all the grades, the consumer gets to use it for myriad applications. From adding style statements in your dining room to completely waterproof cabinets in your bathrooms, the ViroKill technology never fails to amuse one anywhere. Use BWP grade plywood for areas that experience constant water inflow, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and increase the longevity of the furniture. Use MR grade plywood for the remaining areas.

When you choose plywood embedded with the ViroKill technology, you open yourself to limitless possibilities and invite peace of mind to your adobe in a way that you no longer have to worry about the hygiene of the furniture. Whether you want to make a cozy space for your kid or a luxury workstation for yourself, CenturyPly has got you covered.


Read more about our ViroKill Technology here:

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