The Need for Firewall Technology in Indian Homes
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The Need for Firewall Technology in Indian Homes

The Need for Firewall Technology in Indian Homes

Our home holds a special place in our hearts. After all, it is where we speak our first words, where we learn to take our first steps, and where we find our true identity. It is all these things that make it necessary for us to take every single precaution when we are designing our dream home, including choosing the right plywood.

In India, there are over 13,000 fires in a year that leave behind widespread destruction and devastation of life and property. An unfortunate incident of fire at your home can not only be physically destructive, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually negative. It has the potential to break a person’s morale down and reduce them to financial debtors; a debt that takes almost our whole lives to repay.

The Need for Firewall Technology in Indian Homes

In light of the many fire-related accidents in India, CenturyPly has innovated once again to bring you best in class fire-fighting plywood made with Firewall Technology. This Firewall Technology uses specially engineered particles to enhance the fire resistance of plywood, leaving you with precious time to act wisely in case of such an incident.

Firewall Technology has been certified best in class by Indian, American & British standards against parameters such as flammability, rate of burning, flame penetration, smoke emission and more. Not only that, CenturyPly plywood with Firewall Technology come with many advantages--

- Firewall Technology is not a surface treatment but instead, is embedded into the product’s core. The fire-fighting properties stay valid till the integrity of the plywood is maintained. It remains unaffected by surface treatments such as laminating, painting or polishing.

- The plywood is non-hygroscopic in nature, i.e., it does not absorb moisture from its surrounding and hence, prevents delamination of the plywood. This helps your furniture maintain its integrity and original shape.

- Currently, Architect ply and Club Prime plywood from CenturyPly come with Firewall Technology. All other features of the plywood such as 100% protection from borer & termites, superior strength, waterproof nature, warranty, etc., remain intact. Firewall Technology is a value addition to the plywood variants.

The Need for Firewall Technology in Indian Homes

When you are thinking of building a safer home for you and your loved  ones, do not ignore the need for fire safety measures such as Firewall Technology. Take a step towards securing your home with us.

If you wish to ask for assistance from our experts, contact us on our toll-free number 1800-5722-122 or SMS CPIL to 56070.

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