The Must-Have Safety Precaution in Your Home
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The Must-Have Safety Precaution in Your Home

There is a world within the world that belongs only to you and your loved ones. That mini world is called home. Your safe space, your happy place, and now, amidst this pandemic, your only place to be. While designing your homes, you put all your heart into it - from little details about the color of the curtains to the texture of the mat to big ones like the size of the room to the patio flooring.

All these efforts make your home a reflection of you in broad daylight. So, when you put so many night’s dreams into making a delightful abode, our newly launched firewall technology makes sure that you don’t miss on safety while keeping aesthetics top-notch.

Unfortunate events like fire accidents show up unsolicited, leaving a person helpless under the fate of the tragedy. Nothing else but being more vigilant and ensuring safety precautions help to avoid disasters.

Keeping this in mind, the house of CenturyPly has launched the revolutionary Firewall technology that is embedded into the polymer matrix of plywood, imbibing it with best-in-class fire fighting properties.

The fire-retardant plywood is a superior safety precaution that you must have in your home. It’s one of its kind in the country and is certified by Indian, American, and British Standards measured against critical parameters like flammability, spreadability, smoke generation, and more.

There’s more to it, though. The fact that the plywood embedded with the incredible Firewall technology contains the spread of fire and smoke generation leads to less suffocation and fatalities due to the same. Moreover, since there is limited asphyxiation, you get more time to carry out rescue operations and save yourself and your loved ones from such tragedies.

Moreover, the fire-retardant plywood also acts to self-extinguish itself once the source of fire is removed. These special properties of Firewall technology make it the best safety precaution to evade one of your worst nightmares of being entrapped in a fire accident and losing your home and treasured belongings.  

Now you know what’s your go-to building material while designing your dream home that not only looks gorgeous but is also a safe place for you & your family to live in. Click here to know more information about the revolutionary technology

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