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The Best Handmade Sofa Design To Suit Your Personality

A sofa can be so much more than just a furniture element-- being one of the central furniture pieces at your home, it doesn't take long to graduate into the center of activity for your entire family. If you want your sofa design to become a symbol of your personality, it should be chosen after careful consideration, caution and with utmost care so that you absolutely love your couch.

If you want your sofa set to become symbolic of your true personality, read on about the different sofa designs and what personalities they are compatible with.

1. The Chivalrous Host

The Best Handmade Sofa Design To Suit Your Personality - CenturyPly

The epitome of graciousness, you love to go the extra mile to make people comfortable at your home. You love to cook for your guests and believe that “more is merrier”. Your home is a heaven of comfort for many and inevitably becomes the one place all your relatives, friends and neighbors love to gather for any special occasion. You are always ready to host large groups of people and that is why, a sectional sofa is perfect for you! Large, spacious and extremely comfy, a sectional sofa design is going to become a value-addition to your warm home. (Not plywood centric, please replace it)

2. Fashion-Forward 

The Best Handmade Sofa Design To Suit Your Personality - CenturyPly

If you’re someone who loves to keep yourself abreast about the latest trends, a nude-coloured sofa set is something that will catch your eye! You don’t back down from making a style statement and are confident in the choices you make. One of the best choices you’ll make is getting yourself an all-beige sofa-- it oozes sophistication, elegance, glamour yet is grounded and humble. You can choose to dress it up with colourful throw pillows or dress it down with neutral-toned cushions. (Nothing to do with plywood again)

3. The Poised One

The Best Handmade Sofa Design To Suit Your Personality - CenturyPly

A vintage sofa is a nod to the old-hollywood charm and British aesthetic sensibilities. If poise guides your choices and you are fond of all things glamorous, you will love this sofa set design! Choose velvet or faux-leather upholstery with a strong plywood base for a long-lasting furniture and see yourself fall in love with the luxurious elegance this sofa exudes!

4. The Young Leader

The Best Handmade Sofa Design To Suit Your Personality - CenturyPly

You are young, smart & dedicated to make an indelible mark in this competitive world. You want to be in control of your abode and pay extra attention to details that make it your ‘Home Sweet Home’. You want your furniture, especially your sofa, to convey your open-minded and accepting view of the world to your visitors, which makes a statement sofa in a bright colour the apt sofa set design for you! (This has nothing to do with plywood)

Is This Sofa YOU?

We hope that you found the sofa design that describes you to the ‘T’. All that’s left is to choose the perfect raw materials for your dream-sofa. Choose CenturyPly for all your furniture needs and design long-lasting, super strong, highly-functioning furniture that is sure to become the talk of your town!

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