The Art of Mixing and Matching SAINIK Laminates for a Unique Look
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The Art of Mixing and Matching SAINIK Laminates for a Unique Look

Nowadays, people are focusing on durable but aesthetic materials to renovate their residential places, offices, restaurants and other places. They seek unique designs and patterns that they can customise for a more authentic and appealing look.

CenturyPly brings forth SAINIK laminates for customers to choose from the range of features that best fit their requirements. They can also mix and match the SAINIK laminates to build a new and unique outlook for their places.

Table of Contents

Features of SAINIK Laminates

   ○ Enhanced Texture

   ○ Vibrant Colour Palette

   ○ Durability with Aesthetic Touch

   ○ Innovation in Technology

Tips to Choose the Perfect Look with SAINIK Laminates

   ○ Use Classic Matt

   ○ Go for Contrasting Combinations

   ○ Try Solid Colour Palette

   ○ Opt for Textures


Features of SAINIK Laminates

Numerous customers prefer SAINIK Laminates because of their multiple jaw-dropping features. Here are some of the common ones.

Enhanced Texture

Some people prefer the traditional appealing view of their house, while some choose contemporary interiors to showcase their persona. CenturyPly delivers all types of textures where people can customise their laminate to bring a unique look to their home. From shiny to matte, smooth to rough, silky to feathery, and more are available in SAINIK laminates.

Some of the SAINIK textures may include imperial oak texture, hexawood texture, Arizona oak texture, saw cut texture, leather and diamond leather texture, shimmer texture, concrete texture, channel texture, brush stroke texture and many more.

Vibrant Colour Palette

The world of interior design lies in colour varieties. Different people have distinct choices. Some prefer dark and bold, while others prefer light and elegant.

CenturyPly’s SAINIK Laminates come in a broad range of colours. Pick what suits your personality and make it a match with your space. The colour options available in SAINIK Laminates will bring a new spark to your place.

Durability with Aesthetic Touch

On the one hand, CenturyPly offers SAINIK Laminates with multiple features to provide an aesthetic touch to your valuable place. On the other hand, they do not let you compromise the quality of the laminate. The SAINIK Laminates come with enhanced thickness, which makes the laminates sturdy and strong, providing quality structural integrity.

Moreover, the SAINIK Laminates are well manufactured and examined for effortless surface adhesion, making them a perfect fit for interior designs.

Innovation in Technology

SAINIK Laminates are created with technologies that offer strength and longevity to the material. Now, people do not have to worry about termites, as the laminates are borer and termite-proof. In addition, SAINIK laminates are created with Firewall technology that works as a fire-resistant during accidental flame spread.

SAINIK Laminates can be preferable for kitchens and restrooms without worrying about damage from moisture or boiling water, as SAINIK Laminates are waterproof and moisture resistant.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Look with SAINIK Laminates

Getting confused while choosing the right SAINIK Laminates that suit your persona? Here are certain tips for making your decisions easy.

Use Classic Matt

SANIK Laminates bring a real feel of a matte finish. The variety of classic matte in SAINIK Laminates is available from volcanic grey to pearl white finish, with different appealing looks, designs and patterns. SAINIK laminates with a classic matte finish can bring a clean, ethereal and esthetically soothing look to your kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, furniture and corridors.

Go for Contrasting Combinations

Many of us prefer contrasting colour appearances. For instance, you can go for a jet black with pearl white combination to bring a vintage look. You can experiment with multiple variants based on your choices and desires. SAINIK Laminates allows you to customise your SAINIK Laminates and experiment with a new, unique and stunning look to your place.

Try Solid Colour Palette

Some people do not go for textures and seek bold, classy, solid colour palettes to furnish their place. Thanks to CenturyPly, they have brought SAINIK Laminates with multiple appealing solid colour variants where you can get multiple shades of a single colour. There will be no stress in finding any shade of a specific colour, making it convenient for opting for the most suitable colour for your residential places, offices, restaurants and so on.

Opt for Textures

Textures offer a significant character and mystical depth. SAINIK Laminates come with a broad range of textures, complementing tradition and contemporary outlook. Based on your desire, you can renovate your place with the look you dreamt of. Choose from the multiple masterpieces of SAINIK laminate textures and create your own designer look for your space.


CenturyPly has launched SAINIK Laminates, which offers a creative and unique outlook to your place. SAINIK Laminates comes up with a wide variety of ranges in solid colours, textures, different vibrant colour palettes, and so on. While providing a seamless aesthetic look to your place, they also offer durability and strengthen the material. SAINIK Laminates are created with multiple inbuilt technologies that are tested and verified. It determines that the SAINIK Laminates remain new for several years of use.

Planning for renovating and looking to try something unique? You are at the right place. Customise your choices to suit your persona, and it will unleash the vibrant features in front of you and your guests every time they see it.

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