School benches that are affordable and durable
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School benches that are affordable and durable

Nothing beats the memories your children make at school. Schools play a huge role in the development of a kid. Schools are a special place for your kids to learn, grow and most importantly, collect moments they carry with them.

What’s the first tehing that comes to mind when you say ‘School’? Sitting next to your best friends, drawing cartoons on the last page of your books, opening tiffin boxes under desks, scribbling names onto benches and leaving little footprints of what you will revisit in nostalgia. A small shout out to all the clumsy ones that once got their uniforms stuck in desks and chairs or tripped over these walking through the classroom. 

It is important for schools to ensure the children get good academic and extracurricular experiences. The classroom is a safe space for students. The interiors and the decor plays an insignificant role in this. Well, it’s no surprise that the environment you’re in dictates your behaviour. This applies to classroom interiors that undeniably affects the way learning takes place. When the kids are given a bright and upbeat environment, it motivates them to learn, stay high spirited as opposed to boring and plain neutral decor which dulls the curiosity. New age schools are integrating technology and liveliness into classrooms. Moving away from the classic furniture ideas, schools are opting for better designs, brighter colours and well spaced arrangements to provide kids with comfort while they are busy learning. Schools should address a developing number of student needs. The existing interior designs in most schools are unfit to help new educational strategies. Classrooms should upgrade with the evolving culture of learning and schools. By remodeling schools utilizing innovative and clever ideas, it is possible to catalyse the learning process. Use of furniture, lighting, acoustics, and innovation essentially works on the capacity of the classroom.

When discussing school benches, it is important to pick the right products that ensure durability and comfort in the same package. For a place like school, it is also important to keep in mind the longevity of it. Students like to have fun, mess around and the constant movement and activity can affect the performance of your furniture. The space and strength in the designs of school benches is an equally important factor to consider as being clamped together or set too far apart from each other can cause hindrance too. The wear and tear of desks and chairs is bound to happen but with the right plywood, this can be slowed down and prevented for a longer duration. Selecting the building blocks of your furniture, plywood dictates the utilization of the final product.

You find plywoods in almost every decor element of a school from chairs, tables, desks to cabinets, window frames and board frames. A good plywood in an educational institution becomes an investment. Centuryply offers a wide range of choices in plywoods that fit the needs of a school. With the sturdy and stable promise that accompanies every product, we also make plywoods that are resistant to factors like changing weather conditions, viruses and pests. Safety is assured when you pick centuryply. When spending on a large renovation or a small classroom redecorating, it is important to also consider the financial factor and go for affordable choices and we have the best options that fit right into your budget. Be it your design ideas coming to life with Architect ply to super strength with Film Face compressed wood, we cover all parts of furniture needs in our plywood range. With our wooden warrior, the Sainik 710 we take great consideration of your pocket as well. In addition to the fact that we offer strong, study and reliable plywood options, our laminate covers give you a bundled stunner. We have a range of waterproof, bendproof and fireproof options, all ensuring added safety to prevent mishaps when the children are busy having fun, not worrying about the surroundings.

A good classroom encourages a good learning atmosphere. Provide your students with a happy and sound environment and nurture positive attitudes with centuryply in your furnishings. 


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