Scan, Verify, Win! Unveiling the Benefits of Using the CenturyPromise App
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Scan, Verify, Win! Unveiling the Benefits of Using the CenturyPromise App

With the increasing rates of plywood and expensive plywood products, many plywood sellers have started copying brands and selling local products with the tag of brands. Concerning this, CenturyPly has launched an application called CenturyPromise to safeguard its customers from such fraud. As the name suggests, the app clarifies that customers have genuine products. 

However, there is more to the CenturyPromise app. The app is not just limited to examining the authenticity of your purchased product but also offers multiple features to benefit from. Let us explore through the article what they have in store for you!

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CenturyPromise: Benefits You Never Imagined!

Effortless Compatibility 

Let us have a quick review of how CenturyPromise is benefiting customers like no other.

CenturyPromise is functional in a wide range of devices, despite whatever versions they are working on. It depicts there are no restrictions on using applications on specific devices or versions. You can easily download the app via Apple Store or Android Play Store.

Adding more, your device speed will never be hampered using the app, and you can enjoy surfing effortlessly.

Availability and Zero Charge

The CenturyPromise app works anywhere at any time. There is no specific region or area where it is non-functional, making it available for all. Whether you are a customer, dealer, contractor, or architect, the app is specifically designed for you. 

On the other hand, CenturyPromise does not charge you for using the application. All information about your product is accessible on your device, along with the previous QR code scans, associated product details and authentication.

Validates Genuineness

CenturyPromise enables customers to identify whether their purchased product is authentic or not. To check the originality of the item, you have to scan or upload the QR code given on your product. The result will be instantly shown on your device screen.

Electronic Warranty Card

CenturyPly has brought a safety shield for their customer: an Electronic Warranty Card. Once you purchase the product, the CenturyPromise app will provide the e-warranty card to show proof of authentication of your purchased item. 

Detailed Information on Products

CenturyPly believes in transparency. They offer each detail of the product to their customer via the CenturyPromise app. Here, you can check not only originality but also the original manufacturing plant, size, features, and more. You can even download and share the information. This transparency bridges the trust between customers and the brand.

Code History and Feedback 

CenturyPromise app offers code history where users can check their previously bought items to cross-check, validate, or reorder the same. The app provides feedback options to check the reviews of prior customers before investing in any product. This step is crucially important for customers to build trust. 

Also, individuals who face any trouble or have concerns can ask queries through the application. The service providers connect within a shorter period of time to resolve confusion, queries and concerns to help you make informed decisions. Our aim is not to allow regrets and fraudulence with our customers. 

Safe and Secure to Use

The app is completely safe to install and does not ask for personal information. You just have to enter your name, address and contact details for the authentication of customers in the future. Adding more, CenturyPromise assures you that no information will be shared with any third-party app on your phone.

Scan, Verify, Win: Three-Step Process

CenturyPromise does not ask you for more. There is only a three-step verification process to use all services, including authentication, feedback, the latest promotions on trends and offers and more. Let us know what they are and how to use them. 

Step 1: Installation 

Begin with downloading and installing the CenturyPromise app on your device. The app is user-friendly and can be installed on both Android and iPhone using Google Play Store and Apple Store. If you have a stable internet connection, the app won't take long to get installed.

Step 2: Sign Up

Once the CenturyPromise gets installed, you have to register yourself with your name, address and contact details. Do not worry! The app does not ask for more than just basic information. Once you sign up, you can surf through the wide range of CenturyPly products.

Step 3: Scan the QR Code

You can check the authenticity of your purchased product just after signing in to your CenturyPromise account. If you are an older customer and have already signed in earlier, you just have to log in with your user ID and password you entered while registration of your account. 

To check the genuineness of your product, you have to scan the QR code or upload a photo of the QR code from your phone gallery. Once scanned, all details of the product will be instantly shown on your screen. The information comprises size, type, thickness, plant name and other related features of your product.

Wrapping Up!

Launching of the CenturyPromise mobile application is one of the unique events happening in the entire plywood market in India. CenturyPly is strictly against fraudulence. Thus, they offer safety precautions for their customers in the form of apps.

Now, customers can not only check the authenticity of their products but also explore a wide range of products based on a variety of deep textures, styling, functionality, unique designs, and vibrant colours.

Adding more, the app is accessible all over India on a stable internet connection. Surf the online version of the plywood market via the CenturyPromise app, and shop from the comfort of your home now!

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