Say No to compromising on Your Home's Safety
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Say No to compromising on Your Home's Safety

When most of us think about our home’s safety, the first thing to cross our mind is locks, guards, and similar things. But it’s only when you take a closer look and realize that there is more to it than just that. It is about the germs on your furniture, it’s about the safety in your bathroom, and it is about the disastrous fire accidents that come up uninvited, among everything else.

Though, there is always a solution! This time it is the fire-retardant plywood from the house of CenturyPly. Plywood made using the revolutionary Firewall technology have this feature of being fire retardant. Highly energized nano-engineered particles are inserted into the polymer matrix of plywood, making it fire-fighting. Let’s see how fire-retardant plywood can elevate your home’s safety.

Life is never certain, and compromising on things that are life saving is never a good alternative. Given that your home is yours and your loved ones' little place in this big world, you must look at precaution first, always, to make your home the safest place.

Plywood enriched with Firewall technology is approved by Indian, American and British standards, making it best-in-class on parameters such as flammability, smoke development index, and rate of burning. During an unfortunate event of fire, the furniture made with fire-retardant plywood would delay the spread of fire and substantially cut on the emission of smoke and toxic gases, making the whole evacuation process smooth.

However, we also understand that when it comes to home interiors, aesthetics are as paramount as safety. With the exceptional fire-fighting plywood at your rescue, you can be sure on both parts. This remarkable plywood is extremely robust and durable, and can be used to create stunning designs for every space in your home including areas with high moisture content such as bathrooms and kitchen . Currently, firewall technology is available with the two most premium plywood - Architect Ply and Club Prime - which are waterproof, antiviral and borer and termite proof.

With fire-retardant plywood available to you at your doorstep, you will never have to compromise on both safety and aesthetics of your adobe. What are you waiting for? Read more about this seemingly magical plywood here:

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