Say no to Chinese cladding with CenturyExteria
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Say no to Chinese cladding with CenturyExteria

While Chinese products are favored while making purchases, it is always a good idea to drop the idea of buying them. This statement might not be true for all the products, but for exterior grade laminates, we can surely say that.

Imagine yourself building the house of your dreams with those beautiful interiors and epic lighting, the greens complementing the house just as perfect and the doors speaking the language to welcome you. Have a fancy house in your mind?

Well, let us now spin a googly of exterior wall cladding that looks dull and takes away all the charm of your house, just because you thought of saving a little money as you thought the exterior doesn’t really matter much. 

Not only this, these exteriors keep on degrading with the continuous extreme weather conditions - the monsoon rarely spare any cheaper material that is used to clad the outer walls and the tropical sun is harsh enough to warp and make it brittle over a period of time with its high UV radiation.

Also, with no seepage resistance, these low-quality Chinese cladding ruins the interiors that you decorated with all the love of decor!

So, what is the solution?

Now that we have already stated the basic issues with the Chinese wall cladding, let us also give you the apt solution that we have come up with, owing to our innovative problem-solving nature.

The above-mentioned reality check was to pave the way for the promising quality that is offered by CenturyExteria as an exterior wall cladding solution.

While there are many reasons as to why one should opt for CenturyExteria, we would like to give you the ones that are directly in contrast with those of the Chinese wall cladding. 

1. On Colour Fastness: 

Before narrating that how CenturyExteria is a better choice when it comes to colour fastness, let us first define colour fastness. Colour fastness is basically, characterizes any material's colour's resistance to fading or running. This property is directly proportional to the binding force between the photochromic dye that has been used on the material and the material (here, laminates) itself. The choice of chemicals and auxiliaries that have been used make a huge difference in quality.

Chinese acrylic papers that are used for low-quality laminates eventually leads to fading of the colours over a period of time, whereas, CenturyExteria uses papers that are imported from Japan and European countries. These sheets are leading in quality and perform extraordinarily in colour fastness. 

This means even if your house has CenturyExteria as its cladding for a decade, it won’t show that. It would always be as you have just got them for your house!

2. On Perforated Exteriors: 

While many exterior grade laminates, even those other than Chinese, are not perforation friendly, CenturyExteria gives this option to its customer without compromising on the quality that the brand promises. The Chinese cladding is not strong enough to bear the brunt of adversities anyhow, so it is far-fetched only to think that they could do so when perforated.

Now that you know why you should go for the one-time investment, here is the link to your best option for exterior grade laminates:


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