Revamp your bathroom with beautiful wooden interiors
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Revamp your bathroom with beautiful wooden interiors

Table Of Contents:


Bathroom decor ideas

Materials used for bathroom decor

         ◆ Tiles

         ◆ Glass

         ◆ Fixtures

Do wooden interiors in bathrooms work?

What makes CenturyPly the best

        ◆ ViroKill Technology

        ◆ Firewall Protection

        ◆ BWP Grade Plywood

Types of plywood at CenturyPly

In A Nutshell


When planning the interior decor of a home, something that many people do not care to improve is the bathroom space. Though the living room, kitchen, and bedroom are the main priorities, doesn’t the bathroom deserve some love?

In this article, you will learn about various materials that are used in modern bathroom decor these days. Since bathrooms are a typically wet area, we will also give you a rundown on how CenturyPly enables you to have wooden decor in the bathroom.

Bathroom decor ideas

While simple ideas such as adding quality porcelain washbasins and countertop sinks can help in enhancing the look of your bathroom. Here are some mainstream ideas that people go for when they want to enhance their bathrooms:

● Bath Accessories

● Wall Patterns

● Aesthetic Fixtures

● Small Potted Plants

While these are just some elements that add up to the look of your bathroom, there are more efficient ways to do this. Read further to know more about the different types of materials that are used in bathroom decor.

Overrated materials used for bathroom decor

There are some materials that are overused when it comes to bathroom decor. In the past decade, the use of tiles for flooring and wall decor has increased quite a lot. In fact, here are some of the most overrated bathroom decor materials:

1. Tiles-

They add a smooth and shiny look to your bathroom. They come in different patterns and shades to match the walls. Moreover, they are also infamous for making people slip!

2. Glass-

Many people have a wide glass wall over their bathroom countertop. Since most bathroom spaces in India are not very spacious, thus, wide glass over the walls is a big no-no. It makes the space look more narrow.

3. Fixtures-

Materials such as showers, taps, towel racks, hand towel rings or bars, and Soap Dispensers, etc. are widely used in bathroom fixtures. They come in a variety of designs but do not do much towards the bathroom interior.

Do wooden interiors in bathrooms work?

There are a lot of challenges to bathroom decor, especially when wood is the material to work with. The short answer is YES, wooden interiors do work in bathrooms. Wood is an excellent material choice for bathrooms yet there are some important things to keep in mind.

Wood has a tendency to bend when exposed to moisture so you have to choose a material which is highly-water resistant. If you are thinking about what kind of wood should be used in bathroom decor, then go through the following points:

● It should be of good quality

● It should be waterproof

● It should be bend-proof

● It should have antibacterial property

Bathrooms are a typically wet area of the home, so you must go for water proof plywood boards. You must also ensure quality and durability, you can rely on good plywood brands such as CenturyPly.

What makes CenturyPly the best?

Besides strength and durability, CenturyPly offers many qualities in their plywood that no other plywood manufacturer offers in India. Take a look at these points:

1. ViroKill Technology-

The outer layer of the plywood is infused with a self doctoring surface treatment which helps in killing bacteria and viruses. It helps in keeping the environment hygienic.

2. Firewall Protection-

The plywood offers high resistance to fire and slow fire penetration so you don’t have to worry in emergency situations. It helps you keep your interiors safe from house fires.

3. BWP Grade Plywood-

The plywood from CenturyPly has been tested to be boiling waterproof which is up to a 100 degrees celsius. Thus you know that CenturyPly does not delaminate  even at such high temperatures.

Types of plywood at CenturyPly

CenturyPly offers many plywood categories that are waterproof or water-resistant. Categories such as ArchitectPly, ClubPrime, Bond710, and 710Marine are even infused with ViroKill Technology. Moreover, ArchitectPly and ClubPrime plywood also offer Firewall protection.

Here is a list of all the water-resistant plywoods offered by CenturyPly:

● ArchitectPly

● ClubPrime

● Bond710

● Sainik710

● WinMR

● SainikMR

● FilmFace

● 710Marine

In A Nutshell

Adding a wooden touch to any interior gives it a very homely and warm feeling. To experience that in your bathroom, you must purchase waterproof plywood from reputed brands only. With waterproof, bend-proof, and durable plywood from CenturyPly, you can have classy wood cabinets, flooring, and wall decor in your bathrooms.

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