Renovation Made Affordable With Sainik 710
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Renovation Made Affordable With Sainik 710

The term ‘renovation’ has a bizarre stigma attached to it that conveys that it is a very expensive endeavour. Due to this reason, most of us try to find excuses instead of home transformers and interior designers.

But don’t we all agree that we can’t enjoy the monotony of the same interiors forever, for the simple reason that humans like to evolve?

And if there is a necessity to change with time, there definitely is an affordable solution that can help us to make our den fascinating enough again for not only a fresher look but also to flaunt it to our guests.

The idea is simple: The prime material that is to be used should be affordable and the costs of the whole renovation will be reduced.

But where to find that affordable material?

When you think of renovation, what all comes to your mind?

Laminates, doors, plywood, paints, blockboards, plasters etcetera. If you notice, the major chunk of material is from the plywood industry only and can be procured from CenturyPly at an affordable price, without compromising on the quality of any of the material.

To find the desirable renovating material, you can visit us at:

Although, CenturyPly houses a wide range of affordable products, today we will be throwing light on Sainik 710: Asli Waterproof Plywood, in particular.

This wondrous plywood takes the responsibility of keeping it light on your pocket. You can buy Sainik 710 merely at Rs.99 sqft or Rs. 1066 sq mt for 19 mm thickness. Having said that, this price is inclusive of GST, thereby, no hidden prices.   

Sweet. But that would mean compromising on the quality, right?

It is amazing how CenturyPly goes against Newton's third law of motion, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Putting in simple words, despite being armed with multiple qualities, Sainik 710 doesn’t have a reactionary price. Let us flaunt a few qualities that makes it the right choice to renovate your house:

  1. Waterproof, for real: In a market, where many water-resistant plywood brands claim to be water-proof, CenturyPly aces to give you a 100% waterproof Sainik 710. This, we are claiming only after conducting the rigorous boiling waterproof test for 72 hours. It was inferred that whereas a regular plywood delaminates in just 1 hour, Sainik 710 could resist the boiling water test for 72 long hours.
  2. 8 year warranty: Affordability can not come at a huge cost of trust that people have on CenturyPly. Thus, we give you a warranty period, for 8 long years.
  3. Immune to pest: Being a waterproof plywood, Sainik 710 doesn’t mean to fail the test of pest. Like any other Century Plywood, Sainik 710 also shields the furniture, that can be your favourite part of the renovation, from the borer and termite attacks.
  4. Best for cost: As much as we want to go on about the cost factor, we know that now you know which plywood would be the best choice for your renovation goals.

Want to know more about CenturyPly Sainik 710? Enquire now at:

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