Provide your kitchen the wooden interiors they deserve
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Provide your kitchen the wooden interiors they deserve

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What is the best plywood for your kitchen interiors?

Features of Sainik Plywood

        ● Handle moisture content and density

        ● Withstand heat and moisture

        ● Termite and borer resistant

Ways to provide your kitchen with the best wooden interiors

In a nutshell


Are you planning to refurbish your kitchen and its cabinets with a modern touch?

Like your other rooms in the home, the kitchen also needs your attention. The kitchen is where you make yours and the health of your loved ones. So, ensuring that your kitchen is adequately functional, comfortable, efficient, and has a unified look for your home is necessary.

Are you thinking about how to fulfil all these requirements? What will be the best plywood option for your kitchen cabinets? Will your kitchen look luxurious by using wooden cabinets?

Don't worry! CenturyPly is the best answer to all your worries. How? This blog will answer this.

What is the best plywood for your kitchen interiors?

Over the last few decades, plywood has become a lot popular when it comes to designing the kitchen in a modern way. Almost in every home kitchen, you can see the use of plywood. Even these days, more than 20% of the kitchen is decorated with a wooden interior.

Whenever there is a discussion about using plywood in the kitchen interior, the question arises: What is the best plywood that can give your kitchen a modern, aesthetic, and classic look? Which ply can also help with safety concerns and termite protection?

Leading plywood brands such as CenturyPly call the Glue Line Plywood (GLP) manufacturing process to aid you with these questions. As plywood must have many layers of synthetic glue and wooden plies, GLP involves glueing down the ply layers under high temperature and pressure to make them bind securely and firmly. Sainik710 is one of the products designed by CenturyPly with GLP technology.

What made Sainik710 plywood a widely accepted material for kitchen decor across the globe? One of the few reasons is its functionality and appeal like wood. It is strong and dense, and there are many more additional features to this modern plywood.

Features of Sainik Plywood

Generally, the cooking and washing food items and dishes make the kitchen's atmosphere wet and humid. Therefore, selecting the type of plywood most suitable for such conditions is necessary. CenturyPly presents Sainik710, especially for kitchen and kitchen cabinets.

The reasons you should select Sainik 710 for your kitchen are below.

1. Handle moisture content and density:

As per the BIS regulations, 5-15% is the correct moisture content and density that the best plywood can withstand. CenturyPly manufactured Sainik710 follows this standard. It has the best binding ability to handle the kitchen's wet and humid environment. As a result, it makes the wooden interior of your kitchen long-lasting. It is India’s Asli Waterproof Ply!

2. Withstand heat and moisture:

With time, normal plywood loses its abilities and looks. However, Sainik710 does not stand in this category. It shows a unique strength that withholds the heat and wet atmosphere of your kitchen and lets it shine like a recently renovated one.

3. Termite and borer resistant:

CenturyPly designed Sainik710 plywood in such a way that it gives you full-proof protection from termites or borers. Its GLP grade is itself capable of killing these infestations. This way, your cabinets and kitchen interior get a durable material.

Ways to provide your kitchen with the best wooden interiors

Beauty does not only imply looks. It means the strength and affordability that one can easily look for. CenturyPly provides you with all these features. How CenturyPly plywood provides you with a contemporary kitchen are given below. You can select any of the given forms for your kitchen and make it contemporary.

  1. Glossy red cabinets with neutral grey and white laminates provide a modular kitchen look.
  2. Pastel colour scheme cabinets can also provide your kitchen with a bright, light, and classic decor.
  3. Modern pull style work on cabinets can render a stylish look to your kitchen.
  4. Wooden laminates with metallic pulls provide warmth to your kitchen.

In a nutshell

Having a lot of space or small space does not decide the luxurious looks or designs of any kitchen. If you coordinate the necessary design elements in a well-matched manner, in that case, your kitchen will automatically have that 'wow' factor.

Adding some new colours, new kitchenware, or new furniture can create a welcoming space. Sainik plywood gives all the strength you dream for your kitchen. Moreover, CenturyPly provides an 8-year warranty to ensure you have nothing to worry about. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and shop by clicking here:

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