Protect Your Home From Viruses & Bacteria With CenturyPly
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Protect Your Home From Viruses & Bacteria With CenturyPly

A home demarcates itself from being a house as it accounts for the caring aspect that a house lags in. The safety parameter is of utmost importance to the caring aspect that is taken care of by your homes, for your homes are the safe haven where you spend most of your lives.

Given the current times, when the time we spend at our homes is expanded under the common slogan: Stay home, stay safe, homes and safety have been used synonymously.

But why is that?

For obvious reasons, home is that one place, where you live in comfort, that offers you food to eat, shelter to rest and a pollution-free environment to safeguard us from various allergies, infections and other illnesses.  

But are our homes fully safeguarded from these illness-causing pollutants?

The honest confession will be a ‘No’. However hard we try, these germs are tiny particles that make way to the indoors of your homes from the doors, windows and other gaps. These nanoparticles then settle on the surfaces of your furniture, stay there for long and thus, pose the danger of various diseases, especially to the kids and the aged members of your family.

How can CenturyPly help to keep our homes virus and bacteria-free?

Century Plyboards do not restrict themselves with the construction of your house only and move a step forward to contribute as an important part in the making of your homes.

With this vision, CenturyPly dug deep to provide a holistic safety valve to its customers by the means of its plywood, as plywood is one of the major materials that is used to construct the home of your dreams.

In this quest, CenturyPly gave birth to the ViroKill technology.

As the name suggests, the ViroKill technology does not make the furniture virus-repellant but kills them so that they do not lurk around in your homes, causing unwanted allergies and infections.

This technology starts the process of killing viruses the very moment the virus settles on the surface of your furniture. It takes from a few minutes to hours for the ViroKill technology to rupture the outer membranes of the viruses, that eventually kill these single-celled organisms.

Does the ViroKill technology also fight bacteria?

As we mentioned above, the ViroKill technology takes a holistic approach to give a self-doctored AAAA (Antiviral, Anti-fungal, Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial) treatment to the surfaces of various plywood.

Other safety touchpoints:

Adding to the safety aspect, it is fully safe to use in the interiors of your home. It does not pose any health threat to you or any of your family members. Even your adorable pets are allowed to randomly lick your furniture without any prior notice.

Since ViroKill is a technology in which nanoparticles are embedded within the plywood, it does not chemically react with any paints or polishing that has been applied to your furniture for the purpose of beautification.

All this and that ViroKill technology is certified to kill 99.99% of germs, makes it a necessity for your home’s safety apart from the traditional sanitising norms!

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