One stop shop for all your renovation needs, Century e-shop
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One stop shop for all your renovation needs, Century e-shop

This pandemic has taught us one thing for sure, there are a whole lot of things that can actually be done without even stepping out! From buying groceries to electronics and even furniture, you can now get everything delivered to your doorstep.

So we asked ourselves this question. If we can buy furniture online then why not even the raw materials? CenturyPly being the brand that is driven by innovations, we came up with the most user friendly website, the CenturyPly eShop. This online portal not only helps you to buy plywood but also a variety of laminates, doors and even PVC boards for all your revamping needs, making the process of buying raw materials completely hassle free. But what is it that makes CenturyPly eShop the best place to buy plywood and other building materials?

What makes Century eShop the right place to buy plywood?

In today’s time the problems that you might face while buying plywood offline are:

1) Finding the right quality of plywood at the right price: It is extremely hectic to look for a retailer that not only sells good quality plywood but also makes sure that from the time of your purchase till the delivery of your product everything is A-one, whilst keeping the cost efficient.

2) Genuinity of the product: with the increase in counterfeit sellers in the market it has become extremely difficult to identify who’s selling the most genuine product, just by a casual visual inspection it is almost impossible to determine whether the product that you're buying is genuine or not.

We got your back! After your purchase is completed on Century’s eShop, the products are delivered straight from the house of CenturyPly hence the quality and genuinity of the products ordered is out of question. To make sure that the product finally delivered to you is 100% genuine we’ve also come up with the CenturyPromise app which can help you identify whether the product is genuine or not just by scanning a unique QR code that’s printed on every single product.

Wait a second, this is not it, now that the quality and genuineness of the product is assured let’s see how we’ve made buying the process of these products even simpler.

The hassle free purchase

Though we as a society are moving towards technological advancement at a very fast pace, technological literacy is still a huge problem, especially in India. Keeping this in mind we created the Century eShop platform to be very user friendly.

When you visit the site you are welcomed with huge banners, which lets you know about the latest deals and offers. On the top center, i.e, right at your eye level lies three tabs, home, products and contact, the home tab is the page that you land on when you first enter the portal, if you scroll down you can also look at some inspiration ideas which can help you make a better choice, via the products tab you’re guided straight to the page from where you can easily add the products to your shopping cart, a compare feature is also incorporated on the website so that your decision making process can be eased and you can select the best product as per your needs. The contact tab lets you connect with us for any doubts or queries. All this is incorporated in such a simple manner that even a 5 year old can buy plywood online via the Century eShop portal.

To sum it up

Century eShop is the one-stop-shop for all your revamping needs.

Isn’t this too good to be true?

It actually isn’t, and you can see that for yourself by visiting: now! 



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