Merge Aesthetics & Hygiene with ViroKill Plywood to Create your Dream Home
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Merge Aesthetics & Hygiene with ViroKill Plywood to Create your Dream Home

We have often believed that hygienic interiors cannot be beautiful or that it takes immense effort to keep beautiful interiors hygienic. But, who said that beauty & hygiene have to be mutually exclusive?

At CenturyPly, we especially created our range of ViroKill plywood to ensure that our customers never have to compromise on the aesthetics & hygiene and are able to design their dream home, exactly the way they want. 

Our antiviral plywood is available in both Moisture Resistant or MR Grade and Boiling Water Proof or BWP Grade, each suitable for different corners of the house. Not only this, CenturyPly also offers different plywood variants under different price points and with a number of attractive features like borer & termite protection, protection from water damage, higher dimensional stability, warp-resistance, ben-resistance and more! 

CenturyPly plywood is versatile, strong and good to work with. Very carpenter-friendly, our plywood can be used everywhere from the kitchen, restroom, kid’s room, living to the bedroom, store room and more! Each sheet can be designed just the way you like it, taking care of the aesthetics of your dream home.

Each antiviral plywood is made using the revolutionary ViroKill Technology that enables it to kill more than 99% viruses and germs on making contact with its surface. This takes care of the hygiene of your dream home.

If you want to explore ideas of how to merge aesthetics and hygiene with ViroKill plywood to create your dream home, read on.

A Breathtaking Kitchen

Merge Aesthetics & Hygiene with ViroKill Plywood to Create your Dream Home

A contemporary, open plywood kitchen is a must in your dream home. Open and airy, this space will add brightness to your entire home. At the same time, an open kitchen, though sophisticated and modern in looks, may invite germs to enter. That is why CenturyPly ViroKill plywood is the best plywood for your kitchen. It will not only protect your kitchen from viruses and microbes, but also from water damage, normal wear & tear, borers & termites and more, keeping it looking fresh, beautiful and safe for years!

A Peaceful Restroom

Merge Aesthetics & Hygiene with ViroKill Plywood to Create your Dream Home

invite peace and quiet to your restroom with virus-kill technology of CenturyPly plywood. Known to be a hotspot for germs, restrooms once designed with ViroKill plywood, will protect it from viruses & microbes throughout its lifetime. So, you can design a mesmerising bathroom without compromising on the hygiene factor.

An Functional Study

Merge Aesthetics & Hygiene with ViroKill Plywood to Create your Dream Home

Study and work in peace with plywood manufactured with ViroKill Technology! A plywood study table will become your most reliable friend during tough times, keeping you company through thick and thin. Ensure that it is not only beautifully designed and built, but also incredibly hygienic so that your loved ones can thrive in a tension-free environment.

A Treasured Table

Merge Aesthetics & Hygiene with ViroKill Plywood to Create your Dream Home

A statement table is a must-have accessory for your dream home. If you want to design the most intricate, resilient and hygienic statement piece for your home, choose ViroKill plywood! You can choose to accessorise the table with potted plants, paintings, photo frames, candles and other decor elements  to make it stand-out.

There is no corner of your dream home that you cannot design with the unique ViroKill Technology. So, secure your home against the threat of viruses with CenturyPly, today! 

Read more about our revolutionary ViroKill Technology here:

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