Marine Plywood & its Features
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Marine Plywood & its Features

In earlier times, a majority of Indians preferred to use solid wood for interior decor purposes. Though they lasted long and were beautiful to look at, the entire process proved to be quite cumbersome. With the introduction of plywood into the market, a then revolutionary product engineered out of several thin layers of wood or wooden sheets glued together, woodworking became a much more convenient, quicker and imaginative experience. After years of working with MR grade or commercial plywood, the code to secure our furniture from the ravages of water or weather damage was cracked with the advent of waterproof or marine plywood.


The name ‘Marine Plywood’ often led consumers into thinking that this particular type of plywoodis reserved for ship-building purposes but the uses of marine plywood goes beyond the realm of shipbuilding—it is perfect for your interiors, too!


Marine plywood is a waterproof or BWP plywood which is made only with the highest quality of raw material. In order to be categorised as a marine plywood, it has to undergo stringent quality tests and a 72-hour Boiling Water Test, after which, its real strength, resistance to water & durability is determined. They have excellent resistance to water and hence were so-called. In India, marine plywood is manufactured in accordance to the norms specified in IS:710.


As the consumers quickly became aware of this new phenomenon, BWP plywood soon rose to prominence and were sought after by both homeowners and professionals who wanted the best plywood for their customers. Marine plywood has a number of features that make them perfect for almost any part of a home or office, including wet areas like the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and more. Let us explore these features:


It is waterproof: Marine plywood has the unique ability to retain their integrity even when in contact with water or moisture. That is their number one selling point. This high immunity from water is especially beneficial if you reside in a place where there is constant weather variance or high levels of humidity. The adhesives which are used in making marine plywood, called Phenol Formaldehyde resin in its undiluted form-- is what lends it this resistance.


Prevents delamination: The marine ply sheets feature a smooth and pore-less surface that actually prevents water from seeping through to the layers of wood which might cause delamination in the case of an ordinary plywood.


Borer & termite proof: A special feature of all BWP plywood from the house of CenturyPly is that they are treated with a special Glue Line Protection formula that makes them completely borer & termite proof, subsequently prolonging their lifespan.


Warranty: Another benefit for customers is the reassurance of a warranty. All CenturyPly plywood comes with a warranty period which can range from 5 years up to lifetime against any borer and termite attacks.


If you are considering installing plywood in your bathrooms, kitchens, or in high humidity conditions, you might be better off installing marine plywood. Compared to usual plywood, marine plywood has waterproof adhesive, which stops water droplets from leaving a stain on the surface of the plywood. It is also the best quality plywood available in the Indian market.


Take a look at our range of high quality BWP plywood here:





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