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Make your interiors look a class apart

Are you planning to take your interiors to the next level? Perhaps a new wardrobe to liven up your bedroom or kitchen cabinets to spruce up your tiny culinary corner? Whether it be a stylish new dining table or a beautiful study desk for your little one, the answer to amp up your living spaces is in just one versatile material - Veneer.

What are veneers? 

Made out of ultra-thin slices of wood, Veneers are wooden sheets that are glued to the covering of plywood or a similar material. Due to their many features like flexibility, eco-friendliness, and longevity, veneers are one of the most preferred choices of materials being used for constructing interiors. Broadly veneers are available in two types :

1. Natural Veneers -

As the name suggests, these veneers are curated from thin slices of wood, on which designs appear naturally. Here the design of each veneer flitch will be similar but not precisely the same as the other. Natural Veneers are generally preferred for when you want to keep your interiors authentic with hues of natural wood visible in them.

2. Reconstituted Veneers -

These veneers are also curated from thin slices of wood, however designs and patterns are created on these slices by using various techniques like dyeing, laser technology, and so on. Here the design of each veneer flitch will be exactly the same as the other. Reconstituted Veneers are preferred when you prefer symmetry and exquisite patterns in your interiors.

Why choose CenturyVeneers for your interiors?

One of the most trusted names in the furniture industry is CenturyPly and continuing its legacy of great quality, CenturyVeneers manufactures and provides impeccable decorative veneers.

Known for their innovative technologies and premium quality throughout the country, CenturyVeneers come in a plethora of options for both natural and reconstituted veneers.

If this doesn’t impress you, maybe the amazing features of veneers from CenturyVeneers will! Some of the key features are as follows:

1. Boiling Waterproof -

With the highest resistance to water, these veneers are completely waterproof. These veneers can easily handle the fluctuations of weather and keep your interiors looking as immaculate and pristine as new for a very long time.

2. Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial -

Veneers from CenturyVeneers come equipped with the revolutionary ViroKill technology. This technology kills more than 99.99% of all viruses, fungi, and bacteria and hence helps in keeping your interiors are hygienically sound as possible.

3. Borer and Termite Resistant -

All the veneers come with a special Glue Line Protection that makes them borer and termite resistant. So CenturyVeneers ensures that these pesky pests don’t harm your interiors making them more durable and leaving you stress-free.

4. Excellent finishing -

Veneers from CenturyVeneers use German Sanding Technology for finishing. So no matter what your style is glossy, chic, or traditional, your interiors look exquisite in every way.

If you are planning to renovate your interiors, opting for veneers is an amazing way to go. With a gamut of designs, patterns and textures, find the perfect veneers to create your dream interiors through CenturyVeneers.
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