Looking for the Perfect Veneers? Read all About Them Here
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Looking for the Perfect Veneers? Read all About Them Here


CenturyPly– India's largest seller of Decorative Veneers and Plywood, brings you CenturyVeneers that deliver contemporary lifestyle statements. As pioneers of termite/borer-resistant plywood and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) veneers in India, we ensure that our veneer sheets deliver premium quality, plush texture and stunning patterns. Enhance your furniture's beauty and mesmerise the senses of the onlookers by adding a touch of luxury with CenturyVeneers!

Table of contents:

➔ Why Veneers for Home Decor?

        ◆ Adds Royalty to Your Interiors

        ◆ Eco-friendly Option

        ◆ Give Artistic Touch

        ◆ Longevity

        ◆ Range of Selection

➔ Redefining Grace With Our Range of Best CenturyVeneers  

        ◆ NatzuraWoods

        ◆ SenzuraStyles

        ◆ ProgettoWood

        ◆ Dark Forest

Why Veneers for Home Decor?

Wondering why you should opt for veneers? Here are five reasons why veneers are gaining popularity and why you must choose them too for your exquisite homes:

Adds Royalty to Your Interiors

Veneers are the perfect luxurious solution when it comes to adding some finishing touches. None can impart elegance better than veneers. Their warmth captivates the visitors' attention and gives a sneak peek at your amazing aesthetic sense. 

Eco-friendly Option

Getting your furniture made with wood veneer requires much less wood than the same furniture made of solid wood. Each one of us must take steps to save the environment. So, become eco-friendly and make your contribution to nature.

Give Artistic Touch

When used wisely, veneers can create feature walls and transform your regular area into pieces of art. Often you would require nothing more than just a veneer wall to accentuate the beauty of your interior or give it the punch it requires.


Looking for surface solutions that last for years without losing their charm? The fugitive nature of the veneers is just beyond compare. These finest expressions of wood are durable and offer longer life and thus a true value for money.

Range of Selection

From colours to textures to design to patterns– there is so much for you to pick from. Explore the wide range and choose what aligns best with your requirements and budget.

Redefining Grace With Our Range of Best Veneers  

Want to know about the best decorative veneers? Here are the four stellar options that make it difficult for customers to choose one and leave the other.


The ravishingly new and fabulous NatzuraWoods range is subtly inspired by nature. These exotic veneers are sourced from forests in Africa, Europe, South East Asia, and America. The influence of nature's diversity is reflected in this exquisite collection of natural veneers crafted to perfection by our experts. They bestow your interiors with a luxurious outlook.

Key features:

●   Numerous varieties

●   Exclusivity

●   High quality/thickness

●   New species to keep you updated with the new trends worldwide

●   Boiling Water Resistant

●    Hot melt thread

●    Antifungal and antibacterial

●    Borer and termite resistant

●    German sanding technology


The entire range of SenzuraStyles or Reconstituted Veneers is inspired to portray dramatic looks. SenzuraStyles veneers offer myriad options that draw inspiration from nature. This top-notch collection is environmentally friendly and backed by the quality assurance of CenturyVeneers. These are made from fast-growing plantation timbers – renewable natural wood sources and thus an environmentally friendly alternative to rare and expensive exotic wood species.

Key features:

●   Made from genuine plantation wood.

●   Single-colour wooden beams that are treated and systematically dyed to create grain

●   The veneer drying process ensures the design's ideal texture, quality, and clear visibility.

●    The perfect joining of veneer flitches offers zero gaps or overlaps between the flitches.

●    Availability of multiple shades for selection as per need

●    Latest trends fetched from around the globe.

●    Assurance of the long durability

●    Glue Line Protection makes it borer and termite-resistant.


This premium range of veneer constitutes poly-fibre grains that are overlaid on a veneer and pressed on a Gurjan matt with an epoxy sealer coating. The exclusive high-end veneer adds a luxurious finish to your interiors.

Key features:

●   Pre-coated with a layer of epoxy sealer that renders a super-premium look and protects the veneer surface from handling damages.

●   A ready-to-polish product that need not be sanded.

●   Come with a 4 mm Boiling Water Resistant Gurjan matt base.

●   Glue Line Protection

●    Borer and termite resistant

●    High durability and a longer life

Dark Forest

A unique amalgamation of human creativity and nature's offering– these are produced from exquisite natural veneer and further treated in-house to impart a mystique look. Ergonomically design your desks, tables, and other surfaces. The catalogue is flooded with choices, and it is up to you to pick the best.

Key features:

●   No blister and delamination

●   Borer and termite resistant

●   Withstands varying environmental conditions and stress

●    Provides dimensional stability

●    No peeling off

●    Ensures smooth finish post polishing

●    Compliant with BIS norms for superior product quality

●    Comes with Glue Line Protection

Induce an aesthetic appeal to our home with Century Veneers. Let these be the gift of nature for your interiors! 

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