Level Up your Comfort Quotient With CenturyPly
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Level Up your Comfort Quotient With CenturyPly

The Oxford dictionary defines comfort, an uncountable noun, as "the state of being physically relaxed and free from pain; the state of having a pleasant life, with everything that you need."

The first image that comes to mind while reading this definition is that of a home - a comfortable home. When you feel that you belong somewhere, you say that you are home. It's a comfortable feeling.

However, when we talk about home in a literal sense, it's every place that is both comfortable and safe. Thus, at CenturyPly, we always strive to orbit around innovative technologies that allow you to live life just as you want to and create space that reflects your unique personality.

This year, you have been reintroduced to your own home. You now share a new evolved relationship with it.

The space within your walls is no more a place you come to after a long day; rather, it is your everything now - your office, your college, your yoga studio, your favourite cafe, your spa, and whatnot. With you utilising every nook and corner of your adobe, it's imperative to feel confident, comfortable, and safe from viruses and bacterias that may stay on your furniture surfaces.

To assure that you feel safe and comfortable within the four walls, the most practical and effective solution is to use plywood with ViroKill technology as the building material. This mechanism uses highly activated nanoparticles that are deeply ingrained into the plywood, making it foolproof for killing more than 99% of bacterias, microbes, fungus, and viruses that land on the surface of the plywood.

Keep reading to know ways in which you can spruce up the comfortability quotient and add a fresh touch to your abode:

 1. Dress up your Hallway

Now that you utilise every square inch of your home, it's a good idea to dress up the hallways with cozy plywood or blockboard chairs or a side table to brighten up with indoor plants. Whatever is in your mind, create everything virus-free with the Antiviral plywood.

2. Organize your kitchen

Customise your kitchen to sneak all the loaded stuff that you have in your kitchen. Whether drawers are your preference or chic cabinets, Antiviral plywood helps everything in your inspiration list come to reality. Moreover, the plywood is completely borer and termite proof too!

3. Embrace Bathroom Cabinets

Together with keeping the space clutter free, wooden bathroom cabinets elevate the look of the space. Make your shower time as relaxing as it can be. Besides, the Antiviral plywood is also 100% waterproof in nature, so you can relax on the swelling and warping part.

Make your home synonymous with comfort. Customise your space your way and strengthen the bond you share with your home. Whatever it takes, CenturyPly is ready to make every nook and corner of your home virus free. Know more about Virokill technology here https://www.centuryply.com/virokillbycentury

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