Know the Difference between Veneer Doors and Laminate Doors
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Know the Difference between Veneer Doors and Laminate Doors

Most of us love our furniture wooden. When the theme is vintage or rustic, there is a requirement for woodwork going around in the furniture in the house. However, it's an uphill climb looking for high-quality wood that compliments your indoors as well as your budget. Therefore, people seek economical options like laminates and veneers as the surface of their flush doors to give their doors the wood effect. Veneers and laminates are popular and prevalent options as finishing materials for flush doors made of plywood, MDF, or particle-board. Both of these materials have their benefits and shortcomings. The look and design of the two are crucial affairs while choosing either of them, however, durability, maintenance and cost of these flush doors must also be considered.

Let's take a look at all the ways laminate flush doors are different from the veneer doors.


Laminated flush doors are made by pressing together flat papers and resins that go over the surface of the door that is enforced by kiln seasoned, composite solid fillers, tightly fit within. These fillers or blocks of rectangular wood do not have interstitial space within itself to store water. The laminates are artificial material and therefore decorative patterns or colours can be created on the surface of the door and its durability ensure long life the life of the doors.

Veneer is a thin layer of hardwood that is stuck on a surface with adhesive to give the rather plain tops, a wooden effect.


Since veneers simulate wood in look and feel, veneer door designs in India are available in limited shades only. They can be wood on wood, raw, or reconstituted, but they ensure giving an ultimate wood impression overall.

Laminates vary in type, they could be textured, high-gloss, or matte. Additionally, they come in diverse colours and shades. Wood or stone effect can be mimicked by textured laminates.


Laminate doors are durable and are easy to maintain as they come with scratch, stain-resistant qualities. They are also water-proof, decay-proof and remain put for a very long time.​​​​​​​

Veneer doors are a little demanding in terms of maintenance as they require time-to-time polishing. This is done to keep them looking glossy and enhances longevity.​​​​​​​


Laminate flush doors are available in myriad colours, designs and textures.

Veneers are made of wood and hence, remain evergreen like wood, in terms of grace and elegance. It also enriches your interiors with wood effect but the colour options as compared to laminate doors, are limited.


Laminate flush doors are economical materials than its counterpart, veneer doors, owing to the materials used in flush doors in conjunction with modestly-priced laminates used for the surface. However, laminate doors vary in quality and brand and also in price range.

Veneer doors are on the pricier side and high-quality wood fetches a higher price. The quality of veneer doors also depend upon the type of wood used.

These details are important to keep in mind before getting veneers or laminate for your doors. Laminates and veneers instantly change the aesthetic of a plain and boring door and impart it an enriched look. The surfaces are not only enhanced but with CenturyDoors, they are also empowered in terms of durability coming from the good quality materials used.

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