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Keep your employees safe with ViroKill

Are you tired of your employees taking unwanted sick leaves? “Boss! I’ve got a viral” is this something that you come across very often?, then we have the solution that you’ve been waiting for, the ViroKill technology embedded plywood is here for the rescue!

Plywood is the building material that makes the empty four walled room an office, it's almost everywhere in your work place, from those little cubicles where your employees work hard all day long to even the big round tables where every morning you motivate your employees, it's everywhere. Thus it becomes very crucial to keep a check on the cleanliness of plywood.

Maintaining the hygiene and sanitation of your working place is very crucial, a good working environment for your employees means good health for them which will in turn yield a smoother operation of your firm, and will also leave your employees with no reason to take another sick leave!

Now you’ll say “Was I not busy enough that now you’ve added, quote, keeping a check on the cleanliness of your working space, unquote, another task to my list?” Don’t you worry, with the new ViroKill technology there’s nothing to dwell on. 

But what is this ViroKill technology? 

Let’s answer the what, how, and why’s to give you a clearer picture.

What is ‘The Virokill Technology’?

The Virokill technology uses specially designed Nanoparticles based Self Doctoring Surface Treatment against microorganisms. These particles are by nature, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral. The highly activated and energized Nanoparticles physically rupture and kill microbes in contact with it through contact killing mechanism keeping the surface always safe and hygienic.

How does this work?

This technology kills virus, preventing you from any sort of exposure to them and thus preserving your health. The moment any virus comes in contact with your antiviral furniture, the ViroKill layering ruptures the cell organelle of the virus. After a few hours, the virus is killed as its cell is damaged and cannot sustain itself. Also to make this technology utmost safe, it was kept in mind that it is solely to protect and not harm i.e., it was made sure that the chemicals used in its engineering only kills the viruses and not harm people.

The technology is also thermostable which means any radiation from the sunlight or moisture does not change the chemical neutrality of the furniture. Thus, ViroKill technology is an all-rounder and all-weather safe technology to keep check of the hygiene of yours and your employees work space.

Why “ViroKill” from CenturyPly?

I guess after all the given reasons, it's now our turn to ask you “Why not ViroKill from CenturyPly?”

To Conclude

Maintaining the hygiene of your workplace is very crucial and investing in ViroKill embedded plywood is a very effective way to do so, with it’s revolutionary technology plywood with ViroKill technology is more of a need than a want for office spaces.

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