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Invest less for more durability

We know quite well that most of the items that accessorise our living space or for that matter, our office space are majorly wooden items. Be it the cupboards storing our apparel or the desks that are home to our stationery or that epic chair which is the resort to our unclassified objects and unironed clothes. There is hardly any room in our house that is rid of furniture.

However, the role of wooden furniture is much more in the case of public buildings like schools, hospitals and offices. Now, furniture is not merely an accessory but more of a utility. If we talk about schools, apart from books, the school buildings are mainly several benches and doors enclosed within the walls.

This plurality of wooden furniture makes it of utmost importance that the furniture lasts longer than the secondary schooling of any student and that the investment in making this furniture is much cheaper than what it took to build Rome!

To this quadratic equation, CenturyPly has a ‘constant’ that can give you both: Durability and Affordability!

CenturyPly Sainik 710 is a bang on plywood when it comes to offering a long term affordable solution. Here is how it proves to be the best and why one should opt for Sainik for such bulky consignments:

On Durability:

1. Asli Waterproof Plywood: Unlike locally manufactured claimed waterproof plywood, Sainik 710 is not merely dipped in a coloured solution to give it a look of waterproof ply. Sainik 710 passes the rigorous boiling water test by maintaining its structural integrity even after 72 hours under specified laboratory conditions. 

2. 8 years warranty: The special Glue line protection (GLP) technique that CenturyPly offers with its Sainik 710, makes it borer and termite proof. Thus, Sainik 710 comes with a long 8 year warranty on termite and borer attacks, ensuring a longer durability to the furniture made from Sainik plywood.

On Affordability:

1. Cheaper price: Despite giving the genuine quality of being waterproof and a longer warranty on being termite and borer proof, CenturyPly Sainik 710 has a competitive price that local manufacturers quote for its fraudulent coloured plywood in the name of being waterproof. Sainik 710 comes at Rs.102 sq/ft for its 19mm ply including the GST. 

2. Uniformity of price: Adding to the good news, this comfortable pricing of RS. 102/ sqft is uniform throughout India. Sainik 710 follows the ‘One nation. One price’ policy to make Sainik affordable throughout the nooks and corners of this country. 

Thus, no matter if you are in Jammu and Kashmir or Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan or Arunachal Pradesh, you get the affordable, durable and truly waterproof plywood at the same price, with the same warranty and the promised quality.

You can now install the CenturyPromise application to scan and check if the plywood you purchased is truly genuine or not.

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