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Identify a fraud in seconds

One of the major problems that you might encounter while purchasing plywood is how to identify whether it's a genuine product or a counterfeit. With the rising frauds and identity theft of big brands like CenturyPly, it has now become very difficult for customers like you to differentiate between what is real and what is fake? The counterfeit sellers have become so professional that just by a glance at the product it is almost impossible to tell if it's a replica or not. So what can you as a consumer do to make the right decision?

What can be done?

Good quality plywood has some features that can either be identified with a thorough visual inspection or by conducting little procedures. Here are a few checks that you can run to ensure that you buy the right plywood:

Visual inspection

First and foremost, check for ISI certification, and don’t forget to look for the CML number along with it, since a lot of counterfeit sellers might be able to print the ISI logo on the product but they can’t just copy the unique CML number.

Secondly, check the side and top profiles of the plywood, good quality plywood are gapless and even from all the profiles, and have uniform thickness from all the edges.

Some tests to conduct

If you’re going for a waterproof plywood like CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710 you can also conduct a boiling waterproof test. Reference:

But isn’t this too much work? We agree, thus we’ve introduced the CenturyPromise app exclusively for our customers, you can now conduct a small authentication via our app and can rely on us for the quality of your plywood. Here’s how it works. 

CenturyPromise App

The CenturyPromise is a user friendly app that is very simple to operate and will ensure that the plywood you are buying is genuine. This app also provides you with the e-warranty card for your product which can be used in case you face any issues.

To skip the hustle bustle of conducting checks, be sure about the quality of plywood, and to identify a fraud in seconds, all you have to do is:

1. Download and install the CenturyPromise app from your app store.

2. Login if you are an existing member or Signup to become a promise member.

3. To authenticate- Look for a unique QR code on each of our products and scan it via the scanner provided in the app or enter the QR number manually.

4. If it’s a genuine product then its details will be listed along with the comment “CenturyPly genuine product” and you can cross check those details with your product.

5. If it’s not a genuine product then the comment “Not a CenturyPly genuine product” will appear.

6. You can also generate the e-warranty after the authentication process.

So download the CenturyPromise App now, aur Raho Befikar!

To know more about CenturyPromise you can visit:

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