How to Pick the Right Flush Doors
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How to Pick the Right Flush Doors

Doors are like the first impressions - important and enduring. A right door can elevate the aesthetics of any space by multifold. It accentuates your furniture and wall decor and welcomes elegance to your abode. But, doors serve another equally important purpose too - safety and security. And when you consider both aesthetics and functionality the best choice for you are the various types of flush doors.

Flush doors are beautiful, light-weight, and a durable alternative to wooden ones. These salient features have made it a popular option in the universe of doors. The raw structure of all types of flush doors is made up of solid compact filler, tightly fitted within vertical stiles and horizontal rails along with lock rail positioned on both sides of the frame. The process ends with giving the doors a veneer or laminate finish on the surface, and that's how beautiful doors are made ready to adorn your space.

There are various types of flush doors available in the market. You just have to keep your requirements clear in the head and proceed to buy the one that serves all of them. From your door requirement for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom to the patio, flush doors are the finest option for you to go with. To elaborate more, here's a list of things you should keep in mind while picking the right flush doors for your space.

Good Quality Raw Material that look great:

Just like in every other thing, the quality of raw material used dictate the strength of all types of flush doors. For making the best quality of fish doors, it is essential to use high-grade timber for frames and water-proof, termite-proof plywood for the structure. The better the quality of raw materials, the longer the door would last. Good quality surface solutions such as top-of-the-line veneer, teak top or the beautiful laminates enhance the overall look of the flush door. The surface material also helps in covering the joints on the door’s structure. If low-quality materials are being used, the door would not be durable and secure, however, for aesthetic reasons, it is advisable to paint the doors and use veneer finish to give it a classy and expensive look.​​​​​​​

Watch out for the size of the Door:

The size of the door is of paramount importance when it comes to picking the right one. A wrong sized door can be a turn off to your interior decor plans. And, because all types of flush doors are manufactured in factories, it's crucial to determine the desired size of the door beforehand. In case the door is delivered to you i'll-sized, they can't be redone.​​​​​​​

Surface of the Door:

The surface of the door is what’s visible to you and your guests everytime one passes through this exquisite structure of plywood and timber frame attached together. Unlike the strength aspect, the surface of the doors is tangible and contributes to the aesthetics of your adobe. Thus, the surface material, like Veneers or laminates have to be carefully chosen to get the desired look of the doors, as per the requirement of the space. Good quality veneers and laminates are stract and stain resistant, bend proof and maintain their charm throughout the integrity of the door.

Determine the space for which your flush door is needed, that is, for home or office, and try to get the right look accordingly.

CenturyDoors provide the best flush doors in India as they possess decent value for money. All types of flush doors are inexpensive and have features that make it popular in comparison to wooden or panel doors. There is a wide array of doors available in the market, but the best flush doors in India are resistant to crash, stain, and scratches. These features make doors easy to clean and last a long time. The plywood used on the timber frames are immune to termites and borer, thereby, enhancing their longevity. The unique designs of flush doors from the house of CenturyPly are sure to elevate the look and feel of your home’s interior. What are you waiting for? Adorn your space with the right flush doors and begin your aesthetic journey.

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