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How to Choose HPL According to your Requirement

How to Choose HPL According to your Requirement - CenturyPly

High-Pressure Laminates or HPL are one of the most stunning and convenient furnishing surface solutions in the market today. With the rapid technological advancements in this industry, laminates have become even more efficient in their dual job of protecting furniture surfaces while adding to its beautification. 

HPL are available in a number of types and finishes, each one perfect for a specific purpose. If you’re in two minds about which HPL to buy for your next interior decor project, read on as we discuss how to choose HPL according to your requirements.

Anti Fingerprint laminates for your office

Office is a high-traffic area where the furniture is touched by multiple people, attracting multiple fingerprints that are hard to clean. By installing anti-fingerprint laminates in areas such as official cubicles, conference room, activity room, etc., you minimise the constant need to clean your furniture surfaces. 

Antiviral laminates for your kitchen

With the need for optimum hygiene levels at home, antiviral laminates are a blessing to mankind. All CenturyLaminates are manufactured using ViroKill Technology which kills more than 99% viruses and microbes, ensuring that your interiors are always germ free, Install them in areas that are prone to microbial activity such as the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom for a carefree life.

How to Choose HPL According to your Requirement - CenturyPly

Marbled-design laminates for your living room

HPL are also one of the easiest ways to adorn and embellish your surfaces. Our SilkTuff laminates, for instance, come in unique marbled designs to give you the elegance and opulence of marble in the convenience of laminates. Install the, easily over your coffee table, dining table or any living room furniture to give the look of marble at a fraction of its cost!

White marker-board laminates for work

White marker boards are extremely convenient to jot down important points, during office work, at home to be used during home-schooling, during exams and more. They are very easy to clean and maintain, are durable and are a great long-term investment. 

High-gloss laminates for home

If you want stand-out interiors, do not lose a second’s time and bring home the shine of high-gloss laminates! Our Lucida laminates offer your furniture superior protection from germs, scratches, scuff and stains. Their lustrous surfaces can elevate any room and give off luxuriant vibes.

If you are still confused about which HPL to choose for your home or office, take a look at our latest addition of LookBook 2020-22 where you can check out our entire collection of HPL: 

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