How long lasting are the moisture resistant laminates?
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How long lasting are the moisture resistant laminates?

Table of Contents:

The Rise Of Laminates

Lucida Moisture Resistant Laminates 101

How Long Do Moisture Resistant Laminates Last?

High Gloss CenturyLaminates Are Best For Kitchens

Laminate Categories From CenturyLaminates

       ◆ Lookbook

       ◆ Monocore

       ◆ Starline

In Conclusion

The Rise Of Laminates


Laminates became an interesting element of interior decor very recently in the early 2000’s in India. They were used to protect the surfaces from wearing out and enhancing the look of the space with its finishing touch. With time, the material evolved and more variations in the designs and quality could be seen.

Leading plywood brands such as CenturyPly now have curated a versatile collection of quality laminates. Today we are going to talk about the unique features of CenturyLaminates such as ViroKill Technology, Water-Resistance, Firewall Protection and more.

We will also discuss how long these laminates last in the areas such as kitchens since there is a lot of exposure to heat and moisture. So let’s get started with it.

Lucida Moisture Resistant Laminates 101

Since laminates are used over a lot of surfaces, having moisture resistant laminates is a good thing. We already know that areas such as the kitchen and bathroom are prone to water regularly.

Moreover, laminates make plywood more long lasting. It is said that 20% of the modern home decor consists of plywood. It can be found in every room of the house. Everything from furniture to construction is solved with the right kind of wood. Wooden decor is now widely used in bathrooms and modular kitchens. Thus moisture resistant laminates not only add to the appeal of the space but also protect the plywood surface. This increases the life of the plywood even more.

There is no reason to avoid good interior design because modern moisture resistant Lucida Laminates allow you to make your decor dreams a reality. Window panels, table tops, cabinets, beds, and any other wooden item you can think of require care and maintenance against damaging factors. CenturyLaminates Lucida product range is the ideal solution for protecting your surfaces and reducing your work because it self-stains against harmful factors.

How Long Do Moisture Resistant Laminates Last?

A major cause of furniture damage is due to the weather conditions, moisture and time. With CenturyLaminates, you can stop worrying about the longevity of your kitchen cabinet, countertops and walls as they come with a 7 year warranty. It not only lets you have beautiful decor but ensures it will remain that way for years to come. It allows you to have:

● Hygienic Kitchen

● Durable Surfaces

● Aesthetic Bathrooms

All the benefits of getting moisture resistant CenturyLaminates seem appealing and who wouldn’t want to invest in it? Read further to know more of these benefits.

High Gloss CenturyLaminates Are Best For Kitchens

CenturyLaminates provides the best decorative laminate sheets in India, with a diverse range of exotic colors, designs, textures, patterns, and high-end properties. But the comprehensive USPs of CenturyLaminates is the real hero. Check out the features given below:

● ViroKill Technology

● Highly Scuff Resistant

● Abrasion Resistant

● Stain Resistant

● Impact Resistant

● Heat Resistant

● Wide Collection

● Incredible Color Fastness

Laminate Categories From CenturyLaminates

There are broadly 4 major laminate categories at CenturyPly. These categories have a further collection of overall 50+ laminate designs in order to help you find the best fit for your home. Here are some of the top selling quality laminates at CenturyPly:




Speciality Laminates


● 7 year Warranty

● Color Fastness

● Carpenter Friendly

● Wide Ranges

● Uniform Thickness

● Proper Back Sanding


● High Gloss Laminates—

Test certificate shows that the laminates retain 90% of their gloss even after being scrubbed with calibrated paper.

● Fire Grade Laminates—

This laminate passes class 1 category in fire grade as per a standard test.


● Greater Power to Resist Abrasion

● Premium Color Fastness

● Best bonding with substrates

● Very Uniform & Quality Sanding

In Conclusion

The effects of changing weather and temperature due to natural factors or kitchen and bathroom requirements raise concerns about the effects on your plywood. To combat this, moisture resistant laminates from CenturyLaminates are an excellent choice. They are long lasting and offer high resistance to all climatic conditions, which in turn boosts the life of your quality plywood even more. Buy from CenturyEShop now:

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