How Does Firewall Technology Plywood Make My Home Safe?
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How Does Firewall Technology Plywood Make My Home Safe?


The primary goal for people behind constructing a house is to provide a safe and comforting area to their family members. Therefore, they select every element after due consideration. However, the aesthetic appeal of the house is also important to homeowners, and for this, they generally prefer wood over other materials.

Although this plywood provides a luxurious look to the house, they increase the risk of spreading fire in uncertain circumstances. To solve this problem, the house of CenturyPly has developed plywood with firewall technology that acts as a barrier to spreading fire. In this blog, you will understand everything about this modern innovation.

Table of contents:

What is Firewall Technology?

Properties of Firewall Technology

Products made with Firewall Technology

Why Choose CenturyPly Firewall Ply?       

In a nutshell

What is Firewall Technology?

The revolutionary firewall technology is the best plywood that fights accidental fire and protects your house from severe damage. It is strategically treated to delay the spreading of fire and allow the necessary time for you and your family to take the necessary steps. Moreover, plywood made with this technology self-extinguishes when the source of fire is removed.

One of the most common sources of health hazards during an accidental fire is the smoke that is caused by the burning of wooden items. However, CenturyPly plywood made with firewall technology emits little smoke to protect your family from suffocation. Therefore, by installing firewall technology plywood from CenturyPly that comes with zero additional cost, you can get adequate time to call for help in case of unfortunate fire accidents.

Properties of Firewall Technology

Plywood manufactured with firewall technology has many properties that make it the best for domestic and commercial applications. These include the following:

●​​​​​​​ Fire protection to the core: CenturyPly plywood comes with firewall protection not only on the surface but in the core also. This means that the technology is embedded in the deep grain of the plywood so that the house suffers minimum damage during accidental fire outbreaks.

●​​​​​​​ Non-hygroscopic: These plywood have high resistance to moisture damage. This is possible because the wood grains do not absorb water or moisture from the surrounding. This helps the furniture and doors maintain their shape and structure for numerous years.

●​​​​​​​ Limited fire spread: Firewall delays the spread of fire to reduce damages. Generally, regular plywood intensifies fire breakouts due to the fast penetration of flame. However, CenturyPly firewall plywood is designed in a way that takes nearly 50 minutes to penetrate the flame for 19 mm thick ply. Thus people get enough time to call for emergency help and evacuate the area.

●​​​​​​​ Self extinguishes fire: The flammability of wooden items is the primary reason for the intensification of accidental fire. To combat this problem, CenturyPly firewall plywood comes with self-extinguishing properties. This means that the furniture stops burning if the fire source is removed. Therefore, the chances of fire spreading further diminish resulting in better safety for residents.

●​​​​​​​ Low smoke emission: The burning of wood generally creates enormous amounts of smoke that is harmful to human beings. However, plywood treated with firewall technology emits little smoke during fire outbreaks. This is possible because they contain fire-retardant chemicals that are known to produce less smoke.

●​​​​​​​ Borer and termite proof: In addition to fire outbreaks, termites lead to significant damage to wooden furniture. Therefore, plywood with firewall technology is chemically treated to prevent insect damage resulting in increased durability.

●​​​​​​​ Virokill technology: Wooden furniture or doors are the most touching pieces in a house. This results in cross-contamination and the spread of disease. Therefore, firewall plywood kills harmful viruses that’s comes in contact with its surface to enhance hygiene in the house and keep the residents healthy.

Products made with Firewall Technology

To meet the requirements of people, CenturyPly offers plywood with firewall technology in the following ranges:

1. Architect Ply

These are the best quality plywood provided by CenturyPly. Apart from being fire resistant, they also provide the benefits of termite resistance, moisture resistance, and high durability. The layers of this plywood are densely packed with a synthetic resin of BWP grade resulting in zero overlaps and gaps. The Gurjan face plywood is available in multiple sizes ranging from 4 mm to 19 mm

2. Club Prime

This premium quality CenturyPly plywood comes with a thirty years warranty against termite and borer damages. Moreover, it is the only plywood from CenturyPly that passes in house 25 tests.

Why Choose CenturyPly Firewall Ply?       

Furniture or doors made with regular plywood are perfect for enhancing the look of the house. However, in case of fire outbreaks, they increase the chances of damage by quickly spreading the fire. In addition, they create enormous amounts of harmful smoke, which can cause suffocation and casualties. In contrast, the CenturyPly Firewall plywood not only delays catching fire but also limits its quick spread. Moreover, the chemicals present in its grain create less smoke to ensure proper rescue operation.

In a nutshell

All the points mentioned above prove that firewall plywood is the smartest choice for making furniture in houses and offices. So, if you want to provide safe surroundings to your family and ensure minimum damage to your property in uncertain times, choose Firewall Technology. To choose plywood according to your need and get it delivered to your doorstep, click here:

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