How can we prevent fire accidents at home?
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How can we prevent fire accidents at home?


Fire safety is one of the most crucial elements that any architect or homeowner needs. Smoke
detectors and alarms are now installed in many homes to ensure this. However, homeowners
are still left with irreversible damage.

During a fire, your furniture is the most vulnerable as it acts as fuel, thereby increasing the
damage. Therefore, major concerns have been raised about construction materials’ fire
resistance. Plywood is the most used material for making furniture and construction.
CenturyPly developed a unique Firewall Technology that prevents fire hazards and keeps
your loved ones safe.

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What is CenturyPly Firewall Technology?

CenturyPly’s Firewall Technology infuses best-in-class fire-fighting nano-engineered
particles into the plywood’s polymer matrix. This reduces the flammability of the plywood,
making it safe for home.

How Does CenturyPly Plywood Firewall Technology Prevent Fire Hazards?

CenturyPly’s Firewall Technology works in three ways to minimise fire hazards and their

1. Delays Fire: One of the most crucial steps in a fire hazard is to contain and prevent
the fire from spreading. The Firewall Technology makes the plywood less
flammable, preventing it from becoming the fire medium.

2. Self-extinguishes: While ordinary plywoods require external efforts, such as water or
fire extinguishers, to extinguish the fire, CenturyPly plywood does not require it. The
plywood with Firewall Technology can self-extinguish once the source of the fire is

3. Prevents smoke formation: One of the most hazardous effects of a fire is toxic fumes.
Most plywoods use chemicals in manufacturing that emit toxic gases on burning.
However, CenturyPly plywood is made with non-toxic bonding agents. Moreover,
the Firewall Technology prevents smoke formation during the fire, reducing the risk
of suffocation.

Reasons To Use CenturyPly Plywood Firewall Technology

There is no greater reassurance than knowing that your home is secured against fires. There
are many reasons to use CenturyPly Plywood Firewall Technology, including:

1. Reduces the Damage Caused by Fire outbreaks

Because accidents happen without warning, prevention is always preferable to treatment.
Natural disasters like floods and fires seriously harm human life and property. Therefore, it
makes sense to put fire retardant plywood in homes or commercial buildings to protect them.
CenturyPly plywood’s low flammability lowers the likelihood of a spark. CenturyPly treats
the plywood for flammability by fusing nano-engineered particles into it under pressure. This
lessens the damage by the fire.

2. Waterproof and Weather-Resistant

The nature of fire-retardant plywood makes it waterproof and weather-resistant, in addition
to providing fire protection. Plywood that is fire retardant is created to withstand weather and
water as well as fire mishaps efficiently. Therefore, it is frequently used in buildings that are
often subjected to weather elements.

3. Termite and Borer Proof
Termites and borers can easily inflict significant damage to furniture put in homes and
offices. What if the insect protection provided by the fire-resistant plywood was also
improved? CenturyPly’s plywood has been chemically treated to resist insects, making it a
popular material for houses and businesses. It includes a warranty that is unbreakable against
infestation attacks.

4. Provides Adequate Time to Escape During a Fire Hazard

Flames cannot penetrate or spread through fire-resistant plywood. As a result, those who are
trapped in the fire mishap have time to flee before the plywood burns to the ground.
Additionally, it provides plenty of time to help people leave the building and contain the fire.

5. Low smoke

More people succumb to suffocation from smoke and gases than from fire on its own. A
horrible fusion of CO and CO2 results in smoke. The main factor contributing to fire-related
fatalities is smoke inhalation. This is due to the fact that smoke and toxic chemicals make it
easier to suffocate and choke, which hinders the evacuation procedure. CenturyPly’s fire-
resistant plywood is chemically treated to reduce emissions.

6. Useful for All Modern Buildings

Fire resistant plywood can be used in all buildings, including residential and commercial.
Moreover, it is durable and long-lasting, making it a great choice for all purposes.


Since fires can occur anywhere, it is crucial to take preventative measures to safeguard your
home and business. Plywood that resists fire can lower fire risks and perhaps even save lives.
You can use it both indoors and outside, depending on your needs.

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