Hot Take: Veneers are better than the solid wood
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Hot Take: Veneers are better than the solid wood

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There is nothing like solid wood but

What makes veneers special?

CenturyVeneers brings you the best quality

        ◆ Natural Veneers

        ◆ Reconstituted Veneers

Veneers are costly or cost-effective?

In a nutshell


If you were to pick a side between veneers and solid wood, what would it be? We think it is better to go with quality veneers! This article will give you a quick comparison on investing in Wood VS investing in Veneers for your home decor.

We will also shed some light on how CenturyVeneers offers you the best quality Veneer designs. So let’s get started with it!

There is nothing like solid wood but

The admirers of solid wood can instantly tell the difference in other woodworks. That is simply because engineered woods can not outshine the beauty of the solid wood. It is well established that the texture, grains, shade and beauty of wood is best seen in natural wood.

This is the one reason which makes wood exceptionally expensive in the modern day. Moreover, no two logs of wood are the same. Thus, even if you are ready to bear that kind of expense for your home decor, the wood shades may slightly differ in case you are planning decor for large surfaces. For instance, dining table set. One log of wood can not help you with a whole set of chairs and tables.

● This arises limitations such as:

● High cost of wood procurement

● High cost of making products

● Inability to create large furniture in sets

● Cost of upkeep and maintenance

However, this can be tackled with the use of quality veneers offered by CenturyVeneers. Read further to know how it is better to invest in quality veneers and not solid wood!

What makes veneers special?

Veneers are literally the purest and most authentic wood materials out there. In order to understand what makes them special, we need to understand how they are made. Veneers are made from high quality authentic hardwood such as pine, cedar, oak maple, teak, walnut and so on. They are dipped in water for a long duration until soft to work with. Then a long and continuous layer is extracted by spinning the log of wood with the help of a sharp angled slicer.

Hence, the following things make veneers special:

● They offer same appeal as solid wood

● They can be used for larger areas as well

● They have brilliant grain texture

CenturyVeneers bring you the best quality

You can never go wrong with India’s leading veneer manufacturer CenturyVeneers. They not only bring you quality but also a lot of variety in designs. The top selling product ranges include NatzuraWoods, SenzuraStyles, ProgettoWood and DarkForest.

These veneer ranges are both natural and reconstituted:

1. Natural Veneers-

These veneers are all natural and made up from a single log of wood with unique grain texture, design and shade. Thus the design of veneers from one log will be slightly different than other logs from similar trees.

2. Reconstituted Veneers-

These are also quality veneers from natural logs of wood but they are engineered further. The texture and design is created with laser technology and rich dyeing techniques. Thus, it makes sure that designs from one flitch will be exactly the same as the other. For example, SenzuraStyles.

Veneers are costly or cost effective?

Apart from the advantages and quality features of veneers, most people shy away when it comes to the costing. And veneers are actually pricey depending upon the type of wood. So are they worth investing in? Yes they are because if someone were to use the authentic solid wood for decor, it would cost them a fortune!

Veneers bring the same effect and authenticity at a comparatively lesser price than whole wood. You can only get a certain amount of veneer sheets from one log but it is still better than using a whole block of solid wood. Here are the prime advantages of having quality veneered surfaces:

● It can work for larger surface areas

● It is comparatively less costlier than wood

● It’s upkeeping is much more easier

In a nutshell

Veneers bring the true beauty of natural wood into your house. If you like the feel of solid wood, we recommend that you experiment with premium veneers for some of your home design items! You are going to love these. Click here to make a purchase from India's finest veneer manufacturers, CenturyVeneers:

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