Have The Best Apartment Remodel Ever With CenturyPly Fibreboards
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Have The Best Apartment Remodel Ever With CenturyPly Fibreboards

Whether it is to make door boards, wall slabs, furniture, floor, or for use in other decorative items, fiberboards are a brilliant choice to remodel the apartment. The fibreboards are made using different raw materials and heat-treated to create rigid sheets. The sheets are compressed under a machine before they are sold in the market for construction or decorative purposes.

The fibreboards come in three different forms. All these forms differ in density and are used for multiple purposes. Let’s look at the various forms of fibreboard before diving into how you can remodel an apartment using fibreboards.

Types of Fibreboards

Fibreboards come in three varied densities - particle board, medium density and high density. These densities determine the cost, strength, and durability of the plywood. Know the advantages and disadvantages of each mentioned below to make an informed buying decision. 

1. Particle Board

The particle board or the low-density fibreboards are mainly used as an underlay for bathroom or kitchen purposes. These fibreboards are less thick than the other two and hence come at a reasonable price. On the contrary, it is also less strong than the other two fibreboard variants.

2. Medium Density

These fibreboards are mainly used in furnishing industries and certain construction projects. It is comparatively cheaper than high-density fibreboard and is also lightweight. However, if you are looking for a break-resistant fibreboard, this is not ideal as it can break easily due to its light property.

3. High Density

High-density fibreboards are the sturdiest among all three and do not break easily. Hence, it is used in construction projects and furniture production. Due to its hard nature, it lasts longer than the other two.

How to Remodel the Best Apartment With CenturyPly Fibreboards?

Different brands manufacture fibreboards of multiple densities to cater to the needs of the individual for remodelling their house or apartment. One of them is CenturyPly. The fibreboards of CenturyPly are reliable, easy to install and provide an excellent finish. You can rely on CenturyPly fibreboards as they have gained the trust of many users over the years and continue to do so.

The brand uses the best technologies and advanced processes to craft its products. They aim to transform a million homes and give users their desired ‘dream home.’ The CenturyPly Zykron boards enhance the house’s beauty and also provide resistance to harsh weather conditions and excessive moisture. It is available in two types:

1. Zykron HD Board

These fibreboards are ideal for use at home as well as in offices. Made using high-quality materials and indigenous technology, the CenturyPly Zykron HD board provides a distinctive finish to the furniture without any high maintenance. You can install these fibreboards at your home and keep them new for a long time with minimal care.

These boards do not swell or shrink and can be used directly on the surface. Besides, it is 100% borer and termite proof. Furthermore, it stays unreactive to fire and water. In addition, these boards remain unreactive to bugs, mould, and rodents and can last for 20 years.

It is available in multiple densities like 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 18 mm. You can purchase the one that best suits your household needs.

2. Zykron Siding Board

This is another product by CenturyPly. You can use Zykron Siding Board for wall cladding, external cladding, gate cladding and decorative fences. Similar to the above product, this product can also sustain for 20 years. It is available in 8 mm and 150 mm x 3000 mm densities. The unique selling point (USP) of Zykron Siding Board is that it is 100% borer, termite proof and fire resistant. This means the board does not catch fire if there is an explosion. Besides, the board does not shrink or swell when in contact with water; hence, they are also water-resistant. You can use the product directly on the surface and conduct occasional and minimal cleaning to keep the fibreboard new for as long as possible.

Apart from the two types, Century Plywood comes in different shades classified into matt and suede finish. You can select the one that best goes with your interior and make your space look more appealing than before. While the matt finished fibreboards are ideal for chic interiors, the suede fibreboards add a pop of colour to your home interiors.


Both the Zykron fibreboard products by CenturyPly have exceptional features and are made of premium-grade materials. They come at competitive prices and are useful not only for residential purposes but also for commercial and industrial purposes. You can choose the one that suits your needs and purchase it from the official website to remodel your apartment with CenturyPly Fiberboards. These products are delivered all over India. You can place your order from any state or city and start home renovation at the earliest from here - https://www.centuryply.com/eshop/

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