Give Your Walls A Chic Style With Veneers
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Give Your Walls A Chic Style With Veneers

There is no denying the fact that walls define your enclaves with their look and finish. Thus, whenever we think of renovating our homes or giving them a fresh look, we start to think with walls. Sorting the best finish for your walls is halfway through the task.

Although there are many options to beautify your walls, there are only a few that cover the care and look of your walls comprehensively. It is a world of two - trendy and trendsetters. With this blog, you will know how you can move a step further from following the latest trend to actually setting a trend. 

How to be a trendsetter?

If you are looking forward to giving your walls a royal touch, the style statement is to choose veneers for them.

CenturyVeneers, from the house of CenturyPly, promises you the luxurious charm for your walls that also serves grandeur every time the guests enter your premises. Its beautiful visual appearance isn’t the only benefit you get with CenturyVeneers.

CenturyVeneers: All praises

  1. Waterproof
  2. Insulated to temperature fluctuations due to humidity.
  3. An affordable affair
  4. Separate helpdesks to handle the queries of architects, interior designers and contractors. 
  5. Comes with the protection of the ViroKill technology.
  6. Good looks, good looks and good looks!

 CenturyVeneers: A melange of different tastes

We understand that being a trendsetter is not easy as technically you are not supposed to replicate what others are doing. Instead, make your own trend for people to follow it. Thus, CenturyVeneers, under its umbrella, have multiple options to choose from:

1. Century NatzuraWoods

This variety is just perfect for all nature lovers. With its authentic wooden appeal, it literally brings the beauty of nature into your homes. By the way, by wooden appeal, we do not restrict ourselves merely ‘that one wood tone’. NatzuraWoods offer a range of wood tones as per your likes and dislikes, with plenty of textures and patterns to it. Not only that, but it also has an option of dyed veneer, which gives you a choice of colours to choose from.

Don’t believe us? See it for yourselves:

2. Century SenzuraStyles

This variety is full of fancy facade names that have been a buzz in the markets lately. Go for an urbane endeavour for your living spaces or for bohemian bedrooms, SenzuraStyles has got your back.

To your surprise, this category of CenturyVeneers has those premium wood tones that are classic when comes to a grandeur showcase of your homes. Some of them are Ebony, Rosewood and Teak.

Find more of such shades from Century SenzuraStyles at:

As much as we like to boast about the various shades that are bestowed upon by CenturyPly with its veneer range for the styling of your walls, we would rather insist you check the other CenturyVeneers, like ProgettoWoods and Dark Forest, that adds more to the already a lot:

‘Cladding’ it up:

Now that your material is sought-after, you can start stepping ahead with inspirations that you want to emulate in your living spaces. 

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