Gift your home the freshness of nature
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Gift your home the freshness of nature

With the changing times and gradual urbanization, there has been a very prominent change in our living spaces. While most of it has positive effects on our lives, living in concrete jungles can often lead to a notable disconnect from the natural environment. Since it is not possible for most of us to simply uproot ourselves from our current places, we can still however make some changes in our living spaces to get the freshness of nature. One such material to give your interiors a touch of nature is Veneers.

Veneers are sheets made up of ultra-thin slices of wood, these sheets are glued to a more robust material like plywood or blockboards. With the help of CenturyVeneers, you can style your interiors in a more chic and traditional way. When it comes to these ultra-thin sheets, they can be broadly divided into two types :

1. Natural Veneer:

As the name suggests, these veneers are curated using thin slices of wood on which designs occur naturally. In these, each veneer flitch will have a slightly different appearance than the other because of the natural grains that occur on the wood. NatzuraWoods by CenturyVeneers has an admirable range of natural veneers which can be your perfect companion to curate authentic and classy interiors in your home. 

2. Reconstituted Veneer:

Also curated from thin slices of wood, these veneers however go through an additional process in which designs and patterns are created on the flitches. Using techniques like dyeing, laser technology, and so on, these flitches are curated so that each veneer flitch is the exact replica of the other. Senzurastyles is one of the ranges of reconstituted veneers offered by CenturyVeneers which has a plethora of designs and patterns from which you can choose. Reconstituted veneers are perfect if you want to revamp your living spaces with a more chic and modern look.

Choose CenturyVeneers for your living spaces

When it comes to your homes, you deserve the best, and when it comes to all your furniture needs there is one name that outshines all others - CenturyPly. The most trusted name in the country for plywood, CenturyPly has another venture that continues its legacy of manufacturing quality products through CenturyVeneers. As the leading manufacturer and provider of decorative veneers, CenturyVeneers have some remarkable USPs that makes it stand out from others, some of these are as follows -

1. Enriched with Virokill Technology - these veneers with the innovative ViroKill technology kills 99.99% of all viruses, fungi, and bacteria, leaving you stress-free about the hygiene of your interiors.

2. Borer and Termite Proof - With the special glue line protection used in these veneers, your interiors remain borer and termite-proof, thereby keeping them as pristine as new for a very long time.

3. Boiling Water Resistant - Even in extreme climatic conditions, veneers from CenturyVeneers are not hampered and maintain their structural integrity thanks to their property of being boiling water-resistant.

4. Premium Finishing - These veneers have superior finishing thanks to the German Sanding Technology which gives them an immaculate appearance.

Get the essence of nature in your living spaces and make your interiors stand a class apart with the exquisite decorative veneers. With a gamut of options ranging in designs, textures, and colours, curate the aesthetic you have always desired with CenturyVeneers. Learn more about ​​CenturyVeneers here:

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